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Customer service is extremely important in any service-based industry, such as accounting, clinics and dentist offices, law firms, pet grooming services, tutoring centers, and salons/spas. Customer service starts at the beginning of any encounter with a new customer and lasts long after they’ve left the building. While a positive attitude and the ability to fulfill customers’ needs are a couple of the main ways your employees can maintain good relationships with clientele, there are also little ways to perfect the professionalism in your office. It’s easy to improve customer service with simple and efficient appointment scheduling processes.

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Customize Your Appointment Scheduler Software

Posted on September 24, 2013

When considering a new software program for your small business it’s common to want to modify it specifically for you, your employees, and your company. It’s a justifiable concern since many out-of-the-box, PC-based software are rigid, WYSIWYG (What You See If What You Get) programs. However, we’ve designed our programs so you’ll be able to customize your appointment scheduler software. 

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I like the flexibility of the software.” “The flexibility built into VSS Pro makes scheduling a snap.” ”It's a great time saver and is flexible, too.” Why do we hear about scheduling flexibility over and over again in our customer reviews? This testimonial probably says it best: “We like its flexibility, especially how we can print schedules in different ways.

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Reflections on Labor Day

Posted on September 3, 2013

Employees, personnel, staff, workers, laborers – whatever term you prefer to use, they are the number one asset in your business. Labor Day is a great time to reflect on how these people influence your business and how you can better support them.

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Many C-level managers will set goals and objectives for their business at the start of the year. Some goals may be quantitative, such as to reduce costs by a specific amount or to increase sales to a certain level. Other goals may be qualitative, such as to provide better customer service or to increase productivity. We recently heard from a traffic management company about how our PC-based HR software fit into their goals to become a more organized and digitized business.

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