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End of Service Notice (4/1/2022): It has been our pleasure to provide our customers with quality PC software for over 30 years. As of 4/1/2022, all installable PC-based products and tools will no longer be available for sale. To help you transition to other solutions, we will continue to support these products through 3/31/2023. You can continue to use our products after 3/31/2023. Thank you for your business!

What do people say about VSS Pro

Over 70,000 department managers, supervisors and business owners rely on VSS Pro shift scheduling software to schedule their employees more effectively. Here are testimonies from just a few from our customers.

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Watch video testimonials

Watch the Video | Optometry Clinic Schedules Staff with Employee Scheduling SoftwareHicksville, NY – Dr. Hart has used VSS Pro for 13 years to schedule the staff for his Optometry clinic.

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Watch the Video | Television Producer Schedules Staff for Work Using Employee Scheduling SoftwareWestlake Village, CA – This Emmy winning television producer knows “time is money” and found VSS Pro can help him schedule the right people at the right time.

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Watch the Video | Community Home Services Agency Better Communicates Work Schedules By Using Employee Scheduling SoftwareDetroit, MI – When Ginger switched from Excel spreadsheets to VSS Pro their scheduling information became more organized. Their community and home services agency can also better communicate work schedules.

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Read magazine reviews

"The perfect tool for any sort of staff scheduling."

PC Magazine


"Assigning work shifts has never been simpler."

 PC Computing


"VSS Pro is an easy-to-use program that can help you do a better job of managing and scheduling personnel."

 Windows Magazine


"It's an effective and easy-to-use solution that accommodates almost any scheduling situation."

 PC Computing


"VSS Pro is intuitive, easy to learn, and affordable."

 Medical Software Reviews


Read case studies

VSS Pro Scheduling Software Helps to Comply with Staffing Regulations at Heritage Manor of Mt. Zion LLC
Mt. Zion, IL – VSS Pro helps to comply with federal and state staffing regulations at Heritage Manor of Mt. Zion LLC nursing hom…

VSS Pro Staff Scheduling Software Optimizes Pharmacy Operations at Swedish Covenant Hospital
Chicago, IL – VSS Pro optimizes pharmacy operations at Swedish Covenant Hospital.

VSS Pro Scheduling Software Makes Scheduling Easy at the NOAA’s National Weather Service
Wilmington, OH – VSS Pro has made scheduling easy at the NOAA’s National Weather Service, plus cut scheduling time by two thirds…

VSS Pro Scheduling Software Helps Manage Work Schedules at Rider Pharmacy
Fairmont, WV – VSS Pro helps manage work schedules at Rider Pharmacy. They couldn’t believe how fast and easy it could be!

VSS Pro Staff Scheduling Software Reduces Time Spent on Scheduling at Interlock Pharmacy of Columbia
Columbia, MO – VSS Pro reduces time spent on scheduling at Interlock Pharmacy of Columbia.

Scott County Jail Found Efficient Way of Making Schedules with VSS Pro Scheduling Software
Shakopee, MN – Scott County Jail found an efficient way of making schedules when they started using VSS Pro.

VSS Pro Helps Reduce Expenses at Police Department
Moorhead, MN – VSS Pro reduced expenses at Moorhead Police Department.

VSS Pro Scheduling Software Simplifies Staff Scheduling at Cherokee Air and Cherokee Aviation
West Palm Beach, FL – VSS Pro has simplified staff scheduling at Cherokee Air and Cherokee Aviation. They didn’t even have to re…

Middleton Fire Department Improves Daily Operations with VSS Pro Scheduling Software
Middleton, MA – The Middleton Fire Department improves daily operations with VSS Pro.

VSS Pro Scheduling Software Saves Working Hours at Multi Agency Communications Center
Moses Lake, WA – VSS Pro saves working hours at Multi Agency Communications Center ( a 9-1-1 dispatch service).

VSS Pro Restaurant Scheduling Software Optimizes Staff Utilization at The Ground Round Grill & Bar
Grand Forks, ND – VSS pro optimizes staff utilization at The Ground Round Grill & Bar restaurant.

Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital Simplifies Scheduling with VSS Pro
Hoffman Estates, IL – Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital simplifies scheduling with VSS Pro.

VSS Pro Brings Immediate Time Savings to Peninsula Regional Medical Center
Salisbury, MD – VSS Pro brings Immediate time savings to Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

Carl Zeiss IMT Takes Customer Service to the Next Level with VSS Pro
Maple Grove, MN – Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology (IMT) takes customer service to the next level with VSS Pro.

VSS Pro Scheduling Software Helps Achieve Higher Level of Efficiency
Cass County, MN & Clay County, ND - VSS Pro helps the Red River Regional Dispatch Center achieve higher level of efficiency.

VSS Pro Staff Scheduling Software Streamlines Daily Operations at Harrison County Hospital EMS
Harrison County, IN – VSS Pro streamlines daily operations at Harrison County Hospital EMS.

VSS Pro Helps Optimize Staffing Levels at CBF Group
Fargo, ND – VSS Pro helps optimize staffing levels at CBF Group, an administrative support center to law firms.


Read customer reviews

Reduce Scheduling Time

"Visual Staff Scheduler Pro reduced my scheduling time from half a day to about an hour. Our staffing needs change suddenly and constantly. VSS Pro is the best product I've found for quickly building alternative schedules. My department can plan and adjust quickly to make the most of whatever staffing challenges we face."  

Ed Schilke, Administrative Sergeant
Port Angeles Police Department, WA


"VSS Pro staff scheduling software is flexible and dependable. It cut our scheduling time by two-thirds."

Michael A. Shedor
The Hertz Corp.


"By using VSS Pro scheduling software, we have cut hours off the time it takes to develop a schedule for the 140 plus associates in our department. VSS Pro has been a great tool for us, and I would recommend it to other hotels."

Michael Carnovale
Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Anaheim CA


"Even non-computer users can use VSS Pro scheduling software!! I use it to schedule over 70 people in just a fraction of the time it took me by hand."

Peggy Lambert
Catholic Medical Center


“VSS Pro scheduling program is wonderful and this healthcare facility benefits from it a lot. It helps my job move smoother every day. It automatically arranges the staff schedules into individual and day sheets, which is a tremendous time saver. I enjoy it a lot!”

Gina Conforte, Staffing Coordinator
Harborside Healthcare, Westlake, OH


“VSS Pro scheduling software is quick and easy-to-use. I spend less time doing the monthly schedule, plus I can email it to my staff. VSS Pro is a great product. It has made my job easier.”

Kelly Myers, Staffing Coordinator
Cooperstown Medical Center, Cooperstown, ND


"After using VSS Pro for over six years, I can't imagine being without it! Scheduling and tracking time is a snap! What used to take significant time is now done almost automatically."

Captain Kevin R. O'Hara
Point Pleasant Beach Police, New Jersey


"I love VSS Pro! It makes scheduling multiple locations a snap."

Jim Boll
National Park Service


“I am very delighted with Visual Staff Scheduler Pro software. The ability to schedule several deputies at one time has saved me a tremendous amount of time.”

Dave Ponozzo, Chief Deputy
Grant County Sheriff's Office, Ephrata, WA


“The versatility of VSS Pro scheduling software is great! Emailing schedules to my staff, as well as posting schedules to our internal website, is so easy. I use the software everyday and find I spend less time on scheduling and more time for other tasks. I recommend VSS Pro to any public safety agency that struggles with maintaining a schedule of shift work for employees.”

Lt. Garth Hillier, Communications Supervisor
Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, 911 Division


Ensure Shift Coverage


“VSS Pro scheduling software makes it easy to schedule our multiple and varying shifts. I can now quickly create new schedules and store all past or modified schedule versions. With VSS Pro, I see staffing numbers and shortages for each scheduled shift at-a-glance.”

Sgt. Curt Stinson
Helena Police Department, Helena, MT


“With the flexibility of VSS Pro scheduling software, we were able to customize the program to meet the needs of the Emergency Department. What benefits us most is the ability to instantly see how many staff are scheduled and the holes in the staffing for each day. We definitely recommend VSS Pro to other emergency units.”

John Prickett, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
akes Region General Hospital, Laconia, NH


"VSS Pro works well with our rapidly changing schedule. It lets me know if I have adequate staffing coverage."

Deborah Cave
Grady Memorial Hospital


"VSS Pro shift scheduling software is right for our type of business. It ensures we have proper staff coverage on all our shifts."

Donna Irwin
Beachler's Amoco, Peoria IL


"VSS Pro is focused towards health care staffing needs. I've tried several software programs, but none were designed to meet my needs like VSS Pro. VSS Pro gives me better accuracy by monitoring my shift coverage. I would highly recommend it."

Robin VanHyning, DON, NR, BSN
Islands Convalescent Center


Copy Schedule Rotations and Patterns


"VSS Pro has lived up to its promise of handling complex shift rotations. I am spending less than half the time to generate duty rosters."

Sgt. John P. Kiss
Ottawa Police Service


VSS Pro scheduling software is a perfect fit for law enforcement due to the varied rotations we run and special assignments that require grouping unique sets of employees together. Tracking assignments, sick time, benefit days, and training for about 150 correctional officers is easy using the shift explanations in VSS Pro. Running totals and keeping each position assigned properly is no longer cumbersome or time-consuming.”

Sergeant John F. Hall
Lake County Jail, Waukegan, IL


“With VSS Pro scheduling software I can schedule my personnel well in advance, and quickly identify holidays and sickness. I have found VSS Pro to be the easiest and most efficient way to plan rotations and ensure staffing requirements are met.”

Christopher Thistle, General Manager
Stallcombe House, Exeter, United Kingdom


“We have been very happy with VSS Pro scheduling software. We have 15 pilots who are on a non-linear rotating schedule and the flexibility built into VSS Pro makes scheduling a snap.”

Eric Nordberg, Production Flight Test
Bombardier-Learjet, Wichita, KS


Communicate Schedule Information


“VSS Pro scheduling software is a very useful product, with good reporting capabilities, such as the ability to calculate summary statistics at the bottom of each scheduling sheet.”

Keith Douglass, Data Center Operations Supervisor
Wellspan Health Data Center, York, PA


“VSS Pro works very well in a nursing environment, especially with its ability to assign multiple duties. With VSS Pro, I can quickly email schedules to my personnel, and print the schedules in color, which helps improve overall communication of schedule assignments.”

Jennifer Kramer, Director of Nursing
Banner Health – Wray Community District Hospital, Wray, CO


“VSS Pro personnel scheduling software is the best system we have seen. We like its flexibility, especially how we can print schedules in different ways.”

John Pribble, Chief Engineer
Sundance Square, Ft. Worth, TX


Reduce Overtime Expenses


“VSS Pro scheduling software helps me reduce overtime, since I can see instantly the number of hours scheduled for each of my pharmacists and technicians. I can also view my shift coverage to minimize unnecessary over- or under-staffed situations.”

Vito Limoncelli RPH MBA, Associate Director of Pharmacy
Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY


"The thing I like best about VSS Pro shift scheduling software is the ability to make a schedule that works and move the schedule around between staff from week-to-week. VSS Pro is beneficial in determining if you have scheduled overtime and is very user friendly."

Gary Hoggatt, Jr.
Mercantile Bank, Alton IL


Create Schedules Easily


"VSS Pro employee scheduling software is easy-to-use, saves time and money."

Carol Cook
The Salem Manor Society


"The VSS Pro scheduling system is great. When I took over scheduling for our 40-person newsroom, I was given the VSS Pro software and little else. After making a couple of calls to the VSS Pro support team, I got the system installed and have been using it ever since. It's easy to use and more importantly, it's easy for the people in our newsroom to read and understand."

Phillip Hendrix
WJRT TV (ABC affiliate), Flint MI


“We really like VSS Pro scheduling software. We have found it to be very user friendly, yet it has great functionality.”

Laurie Born, Corporate Human Resource Director
The Thro Company, Mankato, MN


VSS Pro scheduling software is easy enough for small companies and comprehensive enough for large companies. I’m very satisfied with the software.”

Joop Maat, Manager
Maat Parfumerie-Drogisterij, Emmen, The Nederlands


“VSS Pro is an excellent scheduling program. We schedule the entire nursing home staff and VSS Pro makes it very easy to do so.”

Ann Silverness, Scheduling Assistant
Chris Jensen Nursing Home, Duluth, MN


“VSS Pro staff scheduling software is very convenient and easy to understand. We are very satisfied with it.”

Crislea Allen, Housekeeping Director
Springwood Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Sarasota, FL


"We have used VSS Pro for years. It is very user-friendly. I can see at a glance if my schedule meets my staffing needs."

Sandra Granger
Calais Regional Hospital


“VSS Pro scheduling software has allowed us to make our work schedules more accurate and easily accessible, all the while making scheduling just a little bit easier.”

Jim Tipton, Simulator Operational Support Manager
American Airlines, Fort Worth, TX


"VSS Pro is concise, precise, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use! Just because something is complicated doesn't make it better... VSS Pro proves that. It's the perfect staffing program for healthcare facilities."

Gail Marquez
HEALTHSOUTH Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital


"VSS Pro staff scheduling software has improved our efficiency. We would highly recommend VSS Pro to anyone who would like to simplify scheduling tasks."

Marsha Lloyd, Staff Dev. Manager
Air Force Village


"VSS Pro employee scheduling software is exceptionally easy. I use it every chance I can. Thanks for a great product!"

Patrick Burrus
Caesar's Palace


Schedule in Advance


"VSS Pro allows me to pre-schedule time-off as far into the future as I'd like. If there is ever a question of past records, I have it right at my fingertips."

LaNette Mehus
Griggs Co. Hospital & Nursing Home


"VSS Pro is a very powerful tool that allows us to schedule officers for court and other activities years in advance. I would recommend VSS Pro to anyone looking to make their scheduling faster and easier."

Sgt. George W. Bacorn
Denton Police Department, Maryland


"We have been using Visual Staff Scheduler Pro for several years. It's a great time saver and is flexible, too. Ours is a round-the-clock operation faced with ever-changing demands on our personnel and resources. With VSS Pro, we are able to revise a weekly schedule as often as necessary, with but a few mouse clicks. Advance schedule planning for everything—from vacations to major events—is a snap, too. The considerable time my Assignment Editor and I save in scheduling with VSS Pro can now be spent working with our staff and developing news stories. I would recommend VSS Pro to any TV news department interested in streamlining its scheduling process."

Harvey A. Cox
KAIT TV (ABC affiliate), Jonesboro, AR


Manage Time-Off Requests


"With VSS Pro, I am able to keep track of time-off and vacation requests as they come in. VSS Pro allows me to know that all shifts have been covered."

Janet Rogers
Villa Grove State Bank


"We use VSS Pro scheduling software to schedule staff shifts, staff time-off and print personal schedules for staff. We are very satisfied with it."

Lancelot Mars, Administrator
SS. Joachim & Anne Residence, Brooklyn, NY


"What a time saver! It's great for tracking the number of hours scheduled, sick time assigned, and Vacation time taken. I would recommend VSS Pro to any department."

Captain Kevin Krausz
Miles City Police Department , Montana


“Since our store has started using VSS Pro scheduling software, there have been major improvements in the way we manage our staff coverage and all scheduling requirements. Now I can look at anything I need instantly and at-a-glace, which makes approving vacation requests so easy.”

Scott Briggs, Store Manager
Sunley Home Building Center, Brooks, AB


Keep Scheduling Information Organized


“With the use of VSS Pro scheduling software, now all directors and supervisors have the ability to look in one place for the information they need, saving them time and aggravation.”

George D. Velianoff, PhD, RN
FACHE, Chief Nursing Officer


“Scheduling our staff with VSS Pro is now faster and simpler than ever before. Printing out calendars and having all scheduling info in one place helps us to be well organized. We haven’t found anything else that creates our work schedules better than VSS Pro.”

Wanda Keener, Deputy Director of Communications
Berks County Communications, Reading, PA


"VSS Pro is an easy, efficient way to organize your staff schedules. Last minute changes are no longer time consuming or cumbersome."

Ken Sullivan
KRIS TV (NBC affiliate)


“I like VSS Pro scheduling software. The ability to add shift and time-off notes and explanations really helps keep all scheduling details in one place.”

Tom Dolata, Operations Manager
WILX-TV, Lansing, MI


Schedule Flexibility


“I’ve found VSS Pro scheduling software to be very user friendly. I also like the flexibility of the software. Schedules created with VSS Pro can be as detailed or simple as you like.”

Stacey Fisher, Food Production Supervisor
Mercy Medical Center, Roseburg, OR 


"VSS Pro is a real time saver. It gives many choices of setting up your schedule."

Anna Kilpatrick, ADON
Kansas Christian Home


"Outstanding product! Visual Staff Scheduler Pro is easy to use and adaptable to our many different scheduling formats. We looked at several different law enforcement scheduling packages and are happy to say that we made the right choice when we picked VSS Pro. Thanks!"

Bob Troy, Deputy Chief
Hickory Hills Police Department, Illinois


"VSS Pro has the professional look of the bigger programs, but is remarkably easy to set up and use. After using VSS Pro, we have concluded that this is what we have been looking for all along—it is perfect! We especially like how it can customize to meet our individual, as well as our collective needs, which is imperative since we are a 24-hour operation. Duplicating schedules from one week to another take only seconds to accomplish and making changes are as easy as point and click."

Kenneth Lopes
KNTV (ABC affiliate), San Jose CA


“I am very pleased with VSS Pro work schedule software. It provides all the information needed and it is highly customizable.”

Albert Kral, Executive Director
Little House Residential Care Services, Smithville, ON


Better Than Spreadsheets or Manual Pencil & Paper Method


"We are a nursing home setting and I schedule everyone in the nursing dept. (about 90 employees). I did scheduling in Excel before this and I was very frustrated. VSS Pro scheduling software makes things so easy. Thanks, I love it."

Marylin Fuller, Health Service Admin. Assistant
St Joseph Convent, Cambellsport, WI


"I am delighted at how easy it is to use VSS Pro. Prior to VSS Pro, I was using a very labor-intensive manual system. With this software, I can get schedules done much quicker."

David Nied
Seaway Food Town, Maumee OH


"VSS Pro has revolutionized our scheduling process. Thanks to VSS Pro, we are no longer required to maintain a cumbersome manual schedule. It has allowed us to create specific reports with its user-friendly query system. VSS Pro is the most stable, robust, and yet reasonably priced solution that we found in our search for scheduling software. We are extremely satisfied with its performance and flexibility."

Eric A. Stringer, Deputy Site Manager
McNeil Security, Inc., Rochester, NY


Affordable Shift Scheduling Software


"After searching for YEARS...I've finally found scheduling software that works wonders, as well as being affordable."

Todd Ginapp
Scott & White Memorial Hospital


"VSS Pro makes sure I have the right number of people scheduled at the right time. It's easy to use and inexpensive. I recommend VSS Pro to everyone."

 Louis D. Evans
United Airlines


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Albany Medical Center
Alexian Brothers Medical Center
Allina Health Systems
Bakersfield Heart Hospital
Banner Desert Medical Center
Baptist Health Systems
Bedford Medical Center
Bel-wood Nursing Home
Bergen Regional Medical Center
BMC Outpatient Pharmacy
Boys Town National Research Hospital
Broe Rehabilitation Services
Broomall Rehab and Nursing Center
Deborah Heart & Lung
Dothan Ambulance
Dreyer Clinic
Elderwood Senior Care
EWU Dental Hygiene
Fox Valley Orthopedic Assoc
Kaiser Permanente
Kansas City Care & Rehab
Kansas Masonic Home
Kingswood Pines Hospital
Ladysmith Nursing Home
Linn County Ambulance District
London Health Science Center
Mascoma Dental Association
Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center
Norris Pharmacy
Oneonta Nursing & Rehab Center
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Prairie Pediatrics
Providence St. Peter Hospital
Rapid Response Mobile
Reston Hospital
San Antonio Kidney Disease Center
Shasta Community Health Center
Sisters of Charity Motherhouse
Somers Manor Nursing Home
Summit Behavioral Healthcare
Van Dyke Addiction Treatment
Well Spring Retirement Community
Wyoming Behavioral Institute
Youngs Pharmacy


Police/Sheriff's Departments
Ashland Police Dept
Beaumont Police Dept
Boulder County Sheriff's Office
Brooklyn Heights Police Dept
Canby Police Dept
Coquitlam RCMP
Coral Springs Police Dept
Fairview Heights Police
Juab County Sheriff's Office
Lodi Police Dept
Ogle County Sheriff's Office
Ridge Meadows RCMP
Snohomish Police Dept
Virginia Gardens Police Dept
Whitehall Township Police Dept
EMS and Fire Departments
Bath Fire Department
Bedford County EMS
Douglas County 911
Erlanger Fire/EMS Dept
Farmington Hills Fire Dept
Madison County Fire Dispatch
Red River Regional Dispatch Center
Strongsville Fire & EMS
Thurston County Fire Dist 6
Wyoming County 911 Center
Jails and Correctional Facilities
Arrowhead Juvenile Center
Bayfield County Jail
Boredelais Correctional Facility
Cambria County Prison
Cape Vincent Correctional Facility
El Paso Juvenile Justice Center
Piedmont Regional Jail
Pierce County Corrections
Wayne Brown Correctional Facility

Local and State Agencies

Bloomfield Township Public Library
Board of County Commissioners
Brownsville Public Utilities
CA State Dept of Fish & Game
Chickasaw Regional Library
City of Fairmont Power Plant
City of Highland Park Water Plant
Florida Dept of Transportation
Livermore Post Office
New York Parks & Recreation
Orlando Utilities Commission
Palm Beach County Park Rangers
Pearl Harbor Commissary
Shawano County Courthouse
The Larimer County Public Trustee
Western Virginia Water Authority

Federal Agencies

Airforce Reserves
Canada Immigration Centre
Defense Commissary Agency
Department of Veterans Affairs
NASA White Sands Complex
Naval Hospital Jacksonville
NOAA-National Weather
USDA Forest Service
VA Medical Center
White House Communications Agency


ABC News
Dallas Morning News
Dunbar Armored
Paradigm Security
Portland Community College
Quantas Vacations
Tauck World Discovery
Victor Learning Center
Wackenhut Services

Banks/Financial Services

American National Bank
Bank of the West
Capital One
Farm Credit Services
Galon Insurance Brokers
Homestead Savings Bank
Sungard Financial Systems
TLC Federal Credit Union
Alabama Power
Allegheny Power
American Electric Power
Amerigas Propane
Arkansas Nuclear One
Armstrong Utilities
Atmos Energy
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Beaver Valley Power Station
Delphi Energy
Dominion Virginia Power
Hydro Quebec
Lewis Energy Group
Marathon Oil
MidAmerican Energy
Midwest Generation
Northwest Natural Gas
Vallejo Sanitation
Virginia Power
Xcel Energy


American Eagle Airlines
American Trans Air
Atlanta Freightliner
BC Ferries
BC Rail Ltd
Beck Taxi
BNSF Railway
Budget Rent A Car
Burlington Northern Railroad
Charlottesville Albemarle Airport
Colorado Springs Airport
East Coast Transportation
Exel Global Logistics
FedEx Charters
Gateway Freight Services
Global Air Charter
Ground Pilots
Holman Aviation
Long Beach Transit
Los Angeles Freightliner
National Air Cargo
Nevada County Transit
New York Water Taxi
Omega Fleet Service
Ozark Trucking
Pennsylvania Medical Transport
Purolator Courier
Skyservice Airlines
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Watkins Motor Lines
Western Towncar
Yellow Freight

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Aloha Restaurants
Al's Formal Wear
Amerihost Inn
Aspen Gardens Restaurant
Athletic Attic
Bahama Buck's
Baptist Book Store
Bark's Pizza
Baskin Robins
Batteries Plus
BB Barns
Ben Franklin Store
Benny's Car Wash
Blue Bonnet Café
Blue Chip Casino
Days Jewelers
Early Dawns Steak House
Fraser's Bakery
Friedhelm's Bavarian Inn
Hacienda Hotel
Haggerty Hardware
Hamburger Mary's FTL
Happy Joes Pizza
Hastings Books Music & Videos
HEB Grocery
Heritage Sports
Hoi Tin Restaurant
Horizon Casino Resort
James Valley Nursery
Joe's Pawn Shop
Lanterna Tuscan Bistro
Leevers Foods
Lena's Sub Shop
Leucadia Pizzaria
Moxie's Restaurant
Nautical Cruise Lines
New Creation Christian Store
Noelle Spa
Photo Express
Pinch a Penny
Pistol Pete's Pizza
Riverside Antique Mall
Siletz Bay Lodge
Sky Ute Casino
TAG Aquatics & Fitness Center
Team Electronics
The Bedroom Source
T-Shirt Factory
United Cellular and Paging
Viviano Flower Shop
Zarco Hotels

Manufacturing and Distribution

Ahlstrom Engine Filtration
Air Products and Chemicals
American Pacific
Anadarko Petroleum
Associated Wholesale Grocers
Bacardi Bottling
Badger Wholesale
BHP Billiton
BiRite Foodservice Distributors
BJ's Wholesale Club
Bob Mills Furniture
Bremer Manufacturing
Buckeye Pipe Line
Burlington Tire
Bush Industries
California Fruit
Canadian Forest Products
Carl Zeiss
Dietrich's Milk Products
Eight O-Clock Coffee
Ellsworth Builders Supply
Essex Manufacturing
Excalibar Minerals
G & G Distributors
Ingenium Medical Supply
Kilwin's Chocolates
Landmark Feeds
Leelanau Industries
Liberty Dairy
Lodge Lumber
Mail-Well Envelope
Maine Wood Turning
Major Drilling
Miller Brewing
Moore Systems Fabrication
Neenah Foundry
Nucor-Yamato Steel
Ocean Air Enterprises
Oliver Wine Company
Olympic Imported Parts
PCS Purified Phosphates
Pete & Gerry's Organics
Romark Logistics
Tioga Petroleum
United States Gypsum Company
Wesco Industries
Wiebel Aerospace
ZC&R Coating for Optics