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One way you can use the internet with your PC-based appointment manager is to send appointments to Google Calendar. Each employee that wishes to see their schedule online would need to create a Google Calendar, which could be set up on The email address and password each employee used to set up their calendar needs to be entered in the Google Calendar Link tab of their profile within Customer Appointment Manager. The Google Calendar Link tab can be found by clicking on the File menu and selecting Employee Maintenance. In the Employee Maintenance window, double-click on an employee’s name to open their profile and then click on the Google Calendar Link tab.

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Using our appointment scheduling software, you can send emails, messages, and reminders to improve communication with customers and employees, as well as use reports to help monitor your businesses’ appointment schedule.

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Customer Appointment Manager is a PC-based appointment scheduling software. Each computer the software is installed on requires a user license. For example, if you put it on five computers, you’ll need a five-user license. If you only need it installed on one computer, you’ll just need a single-user license. In a single-user license environment, both the application and the database (that stores the appointment scheduling information) is installed on the same computer. In a multi-user license environment, the application is installed on each computer that is licensed and the database file is installed in a central location, such as a server. In a multi-user license, all the users can access the same information at the same time. When one user makes a change, the other users will see it almost instantly.

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It’s upgrade season here at ABS. We’ve been busy working on software improvements for many of our small business management solutions. And, the improvements haven’t stopped there. Since we recently released version 6.0 of Customer Appointment Manager, we decided to update some of our marketing materials, too. We created a new, shorter sales video for prospects who may be shopping for appointment book software. It’s more concise and gets to the heart of how it can work for you!

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In version 6.0 of Customer Appointment Manager, we’ve added two new time intervals. Now, you schedule appointments for five or 20 minutes.

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