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An easy way to manage employee files is to store them in a human resource information system (HRIS). Some of the HR documents you’ll want to keep include those you’ve used during the hiring process, such as the job application and/or resume, an offer letter, a job description, and an employee handbook.

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Preparing job descriptions for your employees can be a long and tedious job. Employee performance reviews tend to be feared. However, if you have HR software, preparing job descriptions and writing performance reviews can become much easier. 

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This week we increased our shipping prices. Shipping costs have been going up for a while now. We tried to put it off for as long as could, but we finally had to increase our rates, too. We are asked about shipping prices almost daily and it got us thinking about other frequently asked questions, so we put together a list of the ten most common questions received by the sales and support staff here at Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS). 

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Being able to customize HR software is one of the biggest concerns managers have when shopping for a new human resource information system (HRIS) to keep track of their employee information. Every business is different and managers want to make sure they can change fields and formats in new human resource software, so that it reflects their specific personnel management policies. Typically, there are lots of ways to customize HR software, so it’s unique to your company.

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There are lots of reasons why businesses want to buy human resources software. They want an easier way to keep track of personnel files; they want a faster way to retrieve and report employee information; and, they simply want a better way to organize their staff records. A couple of additional reasons that many businesses may not have considered include having a more secure way of keeping confidential human resource data, being able to back-up the HR database for disaster planning purposes, and avoiding running out of physical storage space. Staff Files can help with all of these!

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