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Staff Files 8.0 is the easiest way to manage employee information including time-off accruals, training records, and performance reviews.

Learning resources

Quick Start Guide

Review the Quick Start Guide to learn how to use our human resource software to its fullest potential. Access the Quick Start Guide by selecting Help>Quick Start Guide while using Staff Files, or download the Quick Start Guide directly from this website. You can print the Quick Start Guide and use it as your learning tutorial.

Download Staff Files 8.0 Quick Start Guide (.pdf, 224KB)

To view PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. If you don't already have the Acrobat Reader, download it now free of charge from Adobe.

Review the Tips & Tricks Guide for help getting started using Staff Files. It's perfect for new users!

Download Tips & Tricks Guide (.pdf, 395 KB)

In-product Help

Press the F1 key anywhere within Staff Files for instant "how to" instructions. You can also access topic specific help text by selecting Help > Contents in your software.

Video Tutorials

Watch step-by-step product tutorials to learn how to use the features in Staff Files to its full potential.

Watch the Video | Getting Started with Staff Files HR SoftwareGetting started is easy! Learn how to define your settings, change field labels, and add your employees to Staff Files HR software.

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Watch the Video | Set Up Auto Accrual Accounts and Security in HR SoftwareLearn how to set up your auto accrual accounts and policies for vacation days, sick time, and PTO, as well as the security settings in Staff Files.

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Watch the Video | Filters and Sorts Find Employee Information Fast in HR SoftwareSee how filters and sorts can help you find employee information fast. Learn how to run reports in our easy-to-use HR software.

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