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Scheduling Staff by Copying Schedule Rotations and Shift Patterns

Posted by Brandy on March 27, 2014

Do you have complex shift rotations in your organization? Why recreate staff schedules from scratch? Use employee scheduling software to plan shift patterns and rotate schedules. 


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The Copy Multiple wizard in Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro) allows you to copy a schedule pattern forward into your schedule. You can copy shifts, explanations, on-call, time off, and notes to paste into a new schedule. You can also choose selected names and days you want to copy. The Copy Multiple wizard makes employee scheduling extremely easy and fast.

Read our customer reviews about copying schedule rotations and patterns using our employee scheduling software:

"VSS Pro has lived up to its promise of handling complex shift rotations. I am spending less than half the time to generate duty rosters."

Sgt. John P. Kiss
Ottawa Police Service

VSS Pro scheduling software is a perfect fit for law enforcement due to the varied rotations we run and special assignments that require grouping unique sets of employees together. Tracking assignments, sick time, benefit days, and training for about 150 correctional officers is easy using the shift explanations in VSS Pro. Running totals and keeping each position assigned properly is no longer cumbersome or time-consuming.”

Sergeant John F. Hall
Lake County Jail, Waukegan, IL

“With VSS Pro scheduling software I can schedule my personnel well in advance, and quickly identify holidays and sickness. I have found VSS Pro to be the easiest and most efficient way to plan rotations and ensure staffing requirements are met.”

Christopher Thistle, General Manager
Stallcombe House, Exeter, United Kingdom

“We have been very happy with VSS Pro scheduling software. We have 15 pilots who are on a non-linear rotating schedule and the flexibility built into VSS Pro makes scheduling a snap.”

Eric Nordberg, Production Flight Test
Bombardier-Learjet, Wichita, KS

Scheduling staff using time-saving features does make scheduling a snap! Watch the video to see how to rotate schedules:


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