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Staff Files 8.0 is the easiest way to manage employee information including time-off accruals, training records, and performance reviews.

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Over 10,000 users rely on Staff Files every day to make sure their employee information is organized, protected, and at their fingertips. Here are testimonies from just a few of our satisfied customers.

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Watch video testimonials


Watch the Video | Alaska Non-Profit Uses Human Resource SoftwareAnchorage, AK - This non-profit organization appreciates having all their employee information in one place.

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Watch the Video | Massachusetts Transportation Company Tracks Training in HR SoftwareGill, MA - The safety manager at this transportation company keeps track of training records with Staff Files.

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Watch the Video | Software Company Manages Time-Off AccrualsOrange County, CA - This software company uses tiered accrual schedule based on employees' seniority to add vacation and sick time accruals.

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Masonry_Restoration.jpgOreland, PA - This masonry restoration company uses Staff Files to keep track of benefit eligibility, training records, and personal employee information.

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Watch the Video | Restaurant Franchisee Manages Electronic Personnel FilesOxford, AL - The director of human resources at this restaurant franchise company was surprised that such inexpensive HR software could be so helpful managing electronic personnel files.

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Watch the Video | Orthopedic Clinic Manages Time-Off Accruals in HR SoftwareChicago, IL - The administrative team at this orthopedic clinic uses our HR software to manage vaction time and sick days.

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Watch the Video | Screenprint and Embroidery Business Keeps Employee Records All TogetherSomersworth, NH - This screenprint and embroidery business is more productive because it uses Staff Files to keep all their employee information in one spot.

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Read case studies

County Fire Department Tracks Certifications in HR Software
Huntsville, AL - Madison County Fire Dispatch keeps track of deadlines and certification expirations with Staff Files.

Staff Files Time-Off Accrual Tracking Saves Time for Rider Pharmacy
Fairmount, WV - Rider Pharmacy has saved a lot of time tracking time-off accurals using Staff Files.

Cornerstone Mortgage Uses Staff Files to Track Time Off
San Diego, CA - Staff Files has helped the Accounting and Operations Managers at Cornerstone Mortgage track time off.

Middleton Fire Department Benefits From Faster HR Reporting and Increased Communication
Middleton, MA - Middleton Fire Department benefits from faster HR reporting and increased communication.

Social Services Organization Appreciates Reports in Staff Files
Salt Lake City, UT - Now the HR department at DDI VANTAGE can run numerous reports for their own department, the executive director, and their insurance companies.

St. John’s Church and School Manages Accrued Personal Time Off with Staff Files
Chula Vista, CA - The business manager at St. John's can keep a more complete personnel record, in addition to managing time off.

HR Software is Primary Hub of Employee Information for Traffic Management Company
Clackamas, OR - Their HR department uses Staff Files to house current employee data, as well as to keep training records and required certifications up-to-date.

Fire Protection and Security Systems Company Improves Efficiency with Staff Files
Venice, FL - It gives them digital access to all employee documents, makes their time-off accrual records much more accurate, and helps them avoid missed deadlines for certifications, licenses, and benefit eligibility.


Read customer reviews about HR software

Manage Vacation and Sick Time Off

“Staff Files is easy to use and we have quick access to employee information. The Reminders are helpful to track certification expirations and the time-off accrual tracking is very flexible. This is a very user friendly program and works well for a small or medium company.”

Janet Reed, HR Manager
Pediatric Partners, P. A., Overland Park, KS

“We use Staff Files to maintain an electronic personnel file for all of our employees. We also depend on the tracking of vacation and other time off.

Donna Barnette, Finance Manager
Michigan Auto Insurance Placement Facility, Livonia, MI

"It is the only easy-to-use program out there for small companies. It is affordable and has great tech support. The auto-accrual feature is awesome! Reminders are good, too."

Carmen Eilertson
Zygogen, Atlanta, GA


"We are so happy with Staff Files Pro! Once the initial informatino was entered into the system we were up and running. Carla is so happy that she no longer has to hand enter time off for our entire staff. Your assistance has made me know that I can step in when Carla is out with no problems. Please let other non-profits know we love Staff Files Pro!!"

Grace L. Davis, LCSW Executive Director
Hays-Coldwell Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, San Marcos, TX 

Keep HR Information Together in One Place

“Staff Files makes organizing personnel information a breeze. Now all employee information is in one easy-to-access place.

Brad Dahl
University Press, Inc., Fargo, ND

 “It is absolutely essential to have employee information in one place. Staff Files is a wonderful program.”

Sabrina Slate
Remington Ranch, Powell Butte, OR

“Thanks so much! Even though I am fairly new to Staff Files, I already love it. It has saved me a lot of time and streamlined my duties. I am most excited about the Group Training Enrollment. It saves me so much time to be able to enter a training record one time for 75 employees. The biggest benefit is having everything in one place. I no longer have to enter new employee information multiple times in many different documents. My employee information is much more manageable.”

Dawn Gilder, Administrative Assistant
Eagle Valley Childrens Home, Carson City, NV

 “Staff Files Pro helped me get all my human resource information into one central place, so I knew where it was when I needed it.

Linda Wallenius, Administrator
Eastside Church, Prineville, OR

 “Staff Files is a central location for employee information. It has enabled us to extract and synchronize data with QuickBooks and at the same time, add extra information that is more relevant to our company. In addition, the document organization portion of the program is key as well.”

Danilo Mayorga, Jr., Accounting Manager
Andes Construction, Inc., Oakland, CA

“I would recommend Staff Files to other businesses; it keeps track of all your employee information.”

Jeanie Wilfong, VP of Finance
Rider Pharmacy, Fairmont, WV

 “Staff Files provides one location for data storage on all employee information. This makes it easy to track employees and most importantly, it makes it easy to put together information for evaluations.“

Brian Jarvis
Town of Chester Police, Chester, NY

“We have several branches and corporate teams within our organizational structure. Staff Files helps us maintain all of the data for all of the employees based on location and team.

John Thorius, Director of Operations
Intellichoice Mortgage Services LLC, Phoenix, AZ

 “Staff Files Pro simply provides a nice way to track all employee information within one easy-to-use program.

William Jones
Improved Living Services LLC, Green Bay, WI

Retrieve Personnel Information Quickly

 “Any information I need for the staff members in our office is just a click away now, instead of having to dig through paper files to find it!

Ruby White
West Virginia Dept. of Health & Human Resources, Charleston, WV

“I have all the employee information in one place. I really like the reports that can be printed for the managers or the employees. Before Staff Files, we were just keeping paper records and Staff Files is a huge improvement over that system.”

Misha Woodard
Impact Absorbent Technologies, Atascadero, CA

“It definitely gives us an overview of each employee’s salary history, helps to keep our I-9s up-to-date and provides easy reference to job descriptions and reviews.

Bev Rowlinson, Administrative Assistant
Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO

“Having staff in two different countries and eight different locations we have been able to allocate staff numbers and know how many staff are in each location. Their contract and personal details all are available by a click of a button.

Selinah Amunga, Office Manager
Mines Advisory Group, Nairobi

Manage Training and Certifications Records

 “Staff Files has made my job easier by leaps and bounds. Prior to using Staff Files, all our employee hiring information, licensing and training records were handled on paper or through multiple spreadsheets. Now Staff Files lets us easily track when employees complete licensing renewals and mandatory training. We also use it to identify which employees are qualified for certain jobs, something especially helpful when scheduling them. The biggest plus to using Staff Files has been the ability to quickly look up necessary information without consulting an oft-times inaccurate, outdated paper trail. I use and recommend Staff Files for anyone attempting to look after a department of over 30+ officers. The ease with which I can generate reports of employee phone numbers, emergency contact lists, vacation and sick time accruals, can truly be appreciated by any manager. In this business, knowledge is power. Staff Files allows me to stay in touch with my personnel and better maintain a challenging 24x7x365 mission with ever-changing information. Anyone who tries Staff Files will arrive at the conclusion that it is simply an unbeatable value compared to other industry applications that offer only partial pieces of what Staff Files delivers. Every organization can benefit from Staff Files.”

Patrick Raymond
Union Station Kansas City, Inc., Kansas City, MO

We are in the construction industry where training and accreditations are extremely important to ensure we have the best qualified individual for the job. The Training tab and Current Reminders window make our tracking much easier. I have also used the Group Training Tool which is an excellent feature. It cuts my data entry time in half.”

Colleen Janisse, Support and Administration Manager
Aecon Utilities, McGregor, ON

“Staff Files is very useful. I use it to track training, evaluations, and general HR information. I suggest Staff Files to anyone.”

Anna VanMeter
Hagyard-Davidson-McGee Hospital, Lexington, KY

"Staff Files has made employee record keeping so much easier. All records are readily available and organized. State inspectors can see the training dates and all related documents needed for compliance. And, they can be printed if needed. It's great to have it all in one place, plus my managers have access to the files if I should be gone at the time of inspection. Thanks Staff Files! I recommend your software to other owners."

Jeff Shoemaker
Grady's Family Fun Park, Bloomington, IL

Reminders Help Avoid Missing Deadlines

“We love Staff Files! This HR software is capable of conquering the beast. We can now set up all the tracking of training required in our childcare industry. I’m very thankful Staff Files has the reminders to alert us when training is expiring and needs to be renewed. And, thanks for your continued tips and communication.”

Patricia Zindler, Executive Director
Orlando Day Nursery Association, Inc., Orlando, FL

I use the reminders to keep all the employees with proper training (i.e. CPR, First Aid, etc.) within the time limits imposed by the State. It reminds me of who is eligible for benefits and deadlines. Staff Files is also helpful in finding out information on past employees. When I do job references, it is a quick guide on past employees.”

Sheryl Hesse
The Willows at Meadow Branch, Winchester, VA

 “Staff Files is a simple and easy-to-use HRIS package. It helps us keep track of lots of data and avoid missing simple deadlines such as license renewal dates. It’s a very good value in terms of information that is easily tracked.”

Greg Davis, CEO
Continental Rehab Hospital, San Diego, CA

“It has benefited our company by keeping all the employee info in one place. I love the reminders that I receive for employee reviews, benefit eligibility, etc.

Marlene Mahon
ARC Specialties Inc, Houston, TX

It’s nice that the reminders are universal, so nobody is forgotten. Staff Files is something we can continue to use as our company grows.”

Jennifer West, Accounting Manager
Cornerstone Mortgage, San Diego, CA

Better Than Spreadsheets and Paper File Folders

Staff Files is a complete record of our employees without having to shuffle through paper files. It's easy and concise. We are utilizing the entire program and have found it amazing!”

Mary Beth Soto, Practice Manager
Main Street Veterinary Hospital, Flower Mound, TX

“Staff Files is an excellent program. I would definitely not want to be without it. Before Staff Files we had a paper trail. When I went through personnel files it was difficult to find wages, hire dates and personal information. Now I have employee information immediately available. I use Staff Files for reminders of wage increases, compensation, hire dates, and general contact information. Employees even come to me when they need to know their spouse or children’s social security numbers or birth dates because I keep them in Staff Files!”

Valerie Monson
City of Forest City, Forest City, IA

Staff Files helps us consolidate employee information without having to dig through personnel files. I enjoy using the letters feature to communicate with employees. It saves us time.”

Sharon Young, HR/Office Manager
Chico Electric, Chico, CA

We save so much paper by using Staff Files to record time-off accruals and by emailing reports instead of printing them.”

Capt. Thomas Martinuk – EMT-P, Fire Prevention Officer
Middleton Fire Department, Middleton, MA

We were originally using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of employees. This program has helped tremendously. We have come out of the dark ages!

Irish Smith
Contemporary Services Inc, Hyattsville, MD

Share Employee Information with Managers

“I love Staff Files! It is a compilation of so much data that we can make available on an access level to our managers. We use the General, Emergency, Wages, and Benefits tabs the most. We also use the reports and PTO accruals.”

Stephanie Dahl, Vice President of Operations
ECA Marketing Inc., Eden Prairie, MN

“Staff Files is a natural partner to VSS Pro and the power of the individual program is enhanced when they are linked together.”

Robin VanHyning
Islands Convalescent Center, Friday Harbor, WA

“Three offices in three locations can be kept up to date and the software can be shared among key personnel.

Rebecca Corradi, Vice President - Corporate Services
RV Buric Organization, Chagrin Falls, OH

“No more pulling out individual employee files to look up something. Everything is in one place. It’s very easy for me to keep all the information up to date and the president can see the latest information with a click of the mouse.

Freida Thomas, Office Manager
Welford Engineering Associates, Fredericksburg, VA

HR Software That Saves Time

“It makes life so much easier because it saves so much time.”

Frita Fears, Communications Supervisor
Madison County Fire Dispatch, Huntsville, AL

“Albany ARC uses Staff Files to manage our 300 employees, having previously used different HR software to keep our personnel files updated. Staff Files has proven to be very helpful to our organization, allowing us to easily access, input and update all current and previous employees’ personnel files. What I like most is Staff Files allows me to print several reports as well as filter information to find an individual employee quickly. It’s a tremendous time-saver. I would absolutely recommend Staff Files to other human resource managers.”

Kristi Adams, Human Resources Manager
Albany ARC, Albany, GA

“Staff Files is the quickest and easiest way to access personnel information. It saves time and keeps information confidential.”

Sharon Mitchell
Delhi Charter Township Fire Dept., Holt, MI

“Thus far we have been using the General, Accruals, Benefits, and Notes tabs. We've now starting using the Documents, Training, and Evaluations tabs, too. The more we use Staff Files Pro the easier and more efficient we find we're able to keep track of employee files.

Vita Fiore, Employee/Safety Administrator
Seacliff Farms, Leamington, ON

Easily Manage Employee Information

“Staff Files is the HR clerk of our organization. We're a small company with no human resource department, so managing personnel used to be a pain. Now it's hassle-free. Staff Files keeps our employee records organized. It's a must-have for any organization that needs to effortlessly track employee information. Staff Files is intuitive and user-friendly. It's so easy to use; we didn't even have to read the user manual! We used to manage records manually with individual paper files per employee. Now we spend less time doing paperwork and more time focusing on our business.”

Adolfo Yarhi
Delimport Internacional, S.A.

“Prior to using Staff Files our employee information was maintained in separate files and in our accounting software, which was not sufficient! Staff Files is easy to use and learn; it makes my job easier by compiling all the employee information we have into one program, plus it saves us time.

Melanie Jones
STEMIC Enterprises, Inc., Fort Myers, FL

“I used to manage my employees through memory and sticky notes. Now Staff Files keeps me organized and remembers everything for me. I can be confident my records are accurate and consistent. Staff Files is incredibly easy to use and has features I never realized I needed, but now take advantage of. I liked the product so much that I ordered Visual Staff Scheduler Pro, too.”

Phil Canter
Photo Express Digital Pro Lab, San Antonio, TX

It’s easy to add employees and it’s nice to be able to filter between active, inactive and terminated employees. I also like to sort on location or position.”

Brian Wallace, Controller
Engineered Composites, Inc., Buffalo, NY

“I don’t know how many times I have said out loud “I love this program!” It is so easy to enter information and the tabs make it quick to access. It is customizable even to the technologically challenged. It is so nice when a program works for me rather than vice-versa!”

David Parshley, Director of Human Resources
Manna Enterprises, Inc, Anniston, AL

Affordable Human Resource Software

“Before we purchased Staff Files we used Excel spreadsheets. I researched MANY products. The only program I found I liked as much as Staff Files was $23,000! Staff Files was so easy to learn and it was really great that I was able to include what was important to our company operations. One of the best things about it is we have 200 employees who “think” we remember when their birthdays are. I love it—could not be happier!”

Katrina La Favers
Furniture Liquidators, Fairdale, KY

“I recommend Staff Files for every small and midsize company. It lets us maintain employee information at our fingertips. Before Staff Files we didn’t have a human resource application to track employee information. We researched other HR software programs, but they exceeded the cost of Staff Files. We’re pleased with its functionality for the price. It was very easy to learn. Creating new fields and defining my own was easy to do. Plus, the reports in Staff Files save us so much time. Staff Files makes my job easier because it incorporates reminders as well as maintains a history of events for each employee.”

Louis Albero
B & B Pool and Spa Center, Spring Valley, NY

“Staff Files is very easy to manage and customize. We love the tabbed interface, reports and ease of use. We like the reminders the most. I can even go to the back end and expand on the database. It’s a great application for a great price.

Davidson Alexander, IT Technician
Superior Energy Services Trinidad Ltd, Bamboo Junction, LaRomaine

“We didn't have an HRIS system and really needed one. Staff Files is affordable and not to complex. It’s just what we need for a medium-sized company right now.”

Amy Ners
WPI Cellular, DesPlaines, IL

“Staff Files makes my life easier because now I can update employee records quickly and generate the updated information instantly in reports and lists. It used to be a tedious job. I have a few employees who love to move a lot or change their cell or home phone numbers. Staff Files makes it so easy to update and then print. It couldn’t be easier. If I have any questions I call support and they call me back and speak my language – not computer! My employee information is updated and I can reference all my notes quickly. I document meetings and concerns from our employees, reviews, and write-ups. Plus it’s a good reference when I need to speak with EDD. When an employee terminates, the final notes are written and printed. Even if I’m not in the office our owner can reference information regarding performance, leave, etc. It’s all right there. The price of Staff Files – are you kidding me? What a great deal!

Patty Schuck
McCormick Enterprises, Inc., Gold River, CA


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With over 10,000 users relying on our HR software worldwide, you can depend on Staff Files for your human resource management needs. Staff Files users range from small, single-site operations to multi-national corporations tracking hundreds of employees at multiple locations. Here are just a few of our satisfied customers:

Associations and Not-for-Profits

Beaverton Christian Church
Boys & Girls Club
Catholic Charities
Humane Farming Association
New York Outward Bound



3D Concrete Inc
A Glass & Aluminum
Abel Excavating Company
B & B Pool and Spa
Best Of The Best Drywall
Campbell Custom Construction Inc
Canyon State A/C & Heating
Cobra Roofing Services
Eley Electrical Contractors LLC
Empire Roofing, Inc
First Quality Plumbing
Mans Lumber & Millwork
Metco Landscape Inc
North Central Insulation
Roossien Masonry
Servin Engineering
Turnaround Welding Services
Whites's Steel



National Training Foundation
The Ministry of Education


Financial Services

American Express
Capital One
Central States Mortgage
First National Bank
Megastar Financial Corp.
Pinnacle Marketing LLC
Prudential Securities



Alum Creek Volunteer Fire Department
Bazetta Township Police Department
Carbon Cty 911 Communication
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Hancock County Sheriffs Office
Herkimer County Jail
James City 911 Central Dispatch
The Larimer County Public Trustee
Marion County Road Department
Ocean City Free Public Library
Okanogan County Counseling
Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
US Immigration & Naturalization



Ace Ambulance Service Inc
American Dental Company
American Lung Assoc.
American Red Cross
Anderson Animal Clinic
Cedar Crossing
Crittenton Hospital
Finger Lakes Ambulance EMS
Forward Vision Group
Good Samaritan Nursing Home
Holy Cross Hospital
ICR Services, Inc.
Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
Main Street Veterinary Hospital
Miller's Family Dentistry
Northeast Georgia Health Systems
STAT Health Services, Inc
St Francis Hospital & Medical Center
Sunrise Assisted Living
UNC Hospitals
VA Medical Center


Law Enforcement/Public Safety

Burbank Fire Dept.
City of Murphy Police Dept.
Deputy Sheriff's Association
Federal Correction Institute
Federal Prison Camp



Cincinnati Zoo
Win-River Casino


A. Sommer Textiles
Ballard Truss
Champion Road Machinery
Gill Metal Fabricator Inc
International Bridge Corp
Newmont Mining Corp
New Tech Plastics
Novis Marine Ltd
PDM Bridge
The Ohio & Michigan Paper
Toner Plastics
Vegas Fastener Manufacturing
Wyo-Ben Inc.



CBT Systems
Washington Post
Xtreme Publishing Group Inc



Ace Hardware
Brigido's Fresh Market
Cabela's Inc.
Leroy's Sports Books
Mellow Mushroom (restaurant)
Michael Angelo's Pizza
North Coast Subaru
Paul's Supermarket
Roman Jewelers
Spitzie's Motor Cylce Center Inc
Wildwood Theatres



3D Printing Inc
Advanced Home Loans
Atlantic Elevator North
C & P Accounting Services
Center Stage Salon Spa & Tanning
Central Chemical & Service
City of Pasadena Water & Power
Con Edison
Convergence Technology Consulting
Dirats Laboratories
East Idaho Credit Union
Eastern Oil Company
Fleming Creative Group
Hopfenspergers' Hair Design
Legal Futures Japan K K
Majestic Security & Protection
Markoff & Mittman PC
Mindy Cosmetics, Inc.
Nicastro Piscopo Ogrin Attorneys At Law
Pacific Northwest Mortgage LLC
Peninsular Realty, Inc.
Sawyer Savings Bank
Windshield Pros



Dell Computer
Lantrax, Inc.
Orion Telecommunications



Prospect Transportation



Houston Works
Inland Power & Light Co
Limestone Water & Sewer Authority
M&H Energy Services
Natural Power, Inc.
Southwestern Bell



Park Cheese Company, Inc.
Oliver Wine Company, Inc
Solaray Corporation