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Staff Files 8.0 is the easiest way to manage employee information including time-off accruals, training records, and performance reviews.

Staff Files Time-Off Accrual Tracking Saves Time for Rider Pharmacy

Rider Pharmacy

“I would recommend Staff Files to other businesses; it keeps track of all your employee information.”

Jeanie Wilfong – VP of Finance
Rider Pharmacy


Customer Profile 

Rider Pharmacy of Fairmont, West Virginia is a family owned and operated retail pharmacy that has 25 employees consisting of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, cashiers, customer service, and administrative staff. They have been in operation for 40 years.


Rider Pharmacy was previously using a different software program to keep track of time-off accruals. They needed an easier and faster way to track their employees’ vacation and sick time accruals.


The pharmacy owner decided to replace their former program with Staff Files HR software for calculating and tracking time-off accruals. Rider Pharmacy has two Staff Files users: the owner and the VP of finance. They both found Staff Files to be an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use program and decided to not only use the Accrual tab to track time-off accruals, but also use the General tab to store basic contact information and the Wages tab to record employees pay rates. Their favorite and most-used Staff Files feature continues to be the Accrual tab with the Auto Accrual Policies. “I like how it keeps track of our vacation and sick time,” explains Jeanie Wilfong, VP of finance at Rider Pharmacy. “I can quickly look up accrual information when employees ask questions about how much vacation or sick time they have.” Rider Pharmacy has two accrual accounts set up within Staff Files for their employees: vacation and sick. Each accrual account has its own auto accrual policy that automatically calculates the employees’ accrued time off.


Staff Files is flexible in regards to time-off accrual accounts and auto accrual policies, allowing Rider Pharmacy to set up their own auto accrual policies. Staff Files HR software is also an easy way to secure sensitive information. Since Staff Files can be password protected, pay rates and contact information are kept safeguarded to protect an employee’s privacy.

Ms. Wilfong concedes that Staff Files has a lot more features that they do not use and yet it is still considered an effective and affordable solution for them because it takes care of their time-off accrual needs. “It’s easier and quicker than our previous program,” says Wilfong “It saves us a lot of time. This HR software has paid off just because of the time it saves,” she added.

Staff Files HR software makes it easy for Ms. Wilfong to access employee’s general contact information, wages, and time-off accruals, since it is all kept in one place. “I would recommend Staff Files to other businesses; it keeps track of all your employee information,” concludes Wilfong.