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Staff Files 8.0 is the easiest way to manage employee information including time-off accruals, training records, and performance reviews.

HR Software is Primary Hub of Employee Information for Traffic Management Company

KD Services of Oregon“We love this program! Not only has it helped us transition into being a more organized and digitized business, but has become a fixture in how we process and handle employee information.”

Caira Nakasone, HR Generalist and Project Research Analyst
K&D Services of Oregon

Customer Profile

K&D Services of Oregon is a traffic management company serving the Pacific Northwest. They focus on work zone safety and provide traffic management for various types of projects. Caira Nakasone, their HR Generalist and Project Research Analyst, started using Staff Files three months ago. They have approximately 275 personnel records stored in this human resources program for both current and former employees.


Previously, they kept track of employee information through hard copies in various locations and multiple spreadsheets. “The biggest challenge to the old system was having information so fragmented,” said Caira. “When it came time for us to create mailers or do employee research, obtaining current employee information was a challenge.”

Caira searched the internet to find an updated, self-contained program that would provide their HR department with a simple, yet comprehensive way of employee data tracking. Caira explained “in regards to being self-contained, it was the wish of the company to not use a program dependent on “the cloud” and continuous fees.” The customer reviews online helped explain how other businesses use this type of HR software and then they tried out the demo edition of Staff Files to discover it was the right choice for them, too.


K&D Services of Oregon now use Staff Files as the primary hub for employee information. The HR department uses it to house current employee data, as well as to keep training records and required certifications up-to-date. The research department uses it to keep on top of employee trends.

“I love the reporting! This has assisted us in creating reports for our dispatch department, so they can stay current with employee information as well,” Caira explained. “I like how the employee list report is customizable in a way that makes it useful for many different departments’ needs.”

Staff Files has helped K&D Services of Oregon communicate with staff because it’s given them a better way to keep updated mailing lists. “It was easy to learn how to use Staff Files,” Caira said. “I’ve only had one problem in understanding how to use the dates when printing a Training report. Their support line I called into helped me quickly understand how to do so.”


At the beginning of the year, their goal was to move to a more digitized method of storing data. Having Staff Files helped organize and streamline the process. Since the employee data was fragmented before, having current information at their fingertips has greatly increased productivity. “Situations are handled so much more efficiently now,” Caira explained. “Previously, we were spending a great deal of time just verifying information.”

Using HR software has helped more than just their HR department. The dispatch department is in constant need of current employee information and now they can efficiently generate reports. Their company’s payroll and billing department is located in a facility outside of their main office. Staff Files helps them provide succinct employee information to that department as well.

“We love this program,” exclaimed Caira. “Not only has it helped us transition into being a more organized and digitized business, but has become a fixture in how we process and handle employee information.”