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Staff Files 8.0 is the easiest way to manage employee information including time-off accruals, training records, and performance reviews.

Cornerstone Mortgage Uses Staff Files to Track Time Off

Cornerstone Mortgage

“Staff Files is something we can continue to use as our company grows.”

Jennifer West, Accounting Manager
Cornerstone Mortgage




Customer Profile

Cornerstone Mortgage is a financial services firm, specializing in mortgage banking. They currently employ 25 people.


Previously, the accounting department would keep track of time-off requests with paper forms, extract the data weekly from these forms and manually compile that data into a report to send to operations for payroll.  Not only was this a time consuming task, but during busy times, accuracy became a problem.


After searching the internet for a better solution to the challenges of keeping correct time-off records, Cornerstone Mortgage purchased Staff Files. “Staff Files could do what we wanted and was in our price range,” commented Jennifer West, Accounting Manager at Cornerstone Mortgage. “It was a price that works for a small company.”

Now, accounting uses Staff Files to automatically accrue time off, as well as deduct time used, so they always have accurate and up-to-date accrual information and the data necessary for payroll. “I set reminders for future time-off that has not been taken yet because I deduct the time in the Accruals Tab when it is actually used,” says West.

Cornerstone Mortgage purchased Staff Files primarily for the Accrual and Reminders functionality, but soon found other tabs, such as the General, Emergency, Wage, Benefits, and Separation Tabs, useful, too. “Since two people use the software, it’s an easy way to share information without actually having to go into another office and get a key for the file cabinet just to look up basic information about an employee,” says West. “And when the Operations Manager does payroll, she can run the Reminder report from her own computer.”


Staff Files has helped the Accounting and Operations Managers save time because everything is in one place. “It’s quick and convenient,” says West. “It only takes a minute to pull a report, so there’s a fast and accurate turnaround time to employee requests for time-off information.” Since implementing Staff Files to accrue and track vacation time, Cornerstone Mortgage has created a separate sick time accrual policy, too. They also use reminders for employees’ anniversaries and birthdays. “It’s nice that the reminders are universal, so nobody is forgotten,” comments West. “Staff Files is something we can continue to use as our company grows.”