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ScheduleBase Volunteer Scheduling Software

“The best way for me to keep my team on track and on schedule is via text messaging. ScheduleBase makes it easy and made me a hero with my team!”  -- Heath Cave, Event Director, Coppell, TX
Learn More About ScheduleBase Volunteer Scheduling Software Try ScheduleBase Volunteer Scheduling Software FREE for a Month!

Volunteer Scheduling Software

ScheduleBase online volunteer scheduling software helps you track and manage volunteer availability and easily communicate jobs and tasks that need to get done. Scheduling volunteers for a community project or event, festival, school or any other type of activity is a challenge. The biggest obstacle to scheduling volunteers is knowing when a volunteer is available to work and then communicating their work schedules timely and efficiently. Not anymore! It's time to start scheduling your volunteers with ScheduleBase.

Easy to Use

  • Try it FREE - no credit card!
  • Schedule volunteers anytime, anywhere
  • Volunteers access schedules online. You can print one too!
  • Communicate schedules and updates instantly
  • Eliminate phone calls and miscommunication
  • Manage availability, coverage and requests
  • Share personnel across activities/locations
  • FREE mobile apps!


Affordable and Proven

ScheduleBase pricing starts at only $10/month for scheduling up to 20 people. If you need to schedule up to 50 people, the cost is only $25/month (more pricing info). We've been in the scheduling software business for over 20 years. To date, our software has been used to schedule over 2 million people.

Volunteer scheduling software that's proven.


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Trust ScheduleBase

Try ScheduleBase Volunteer Scheduling Software FREE for a Month!
Try scheduling volunteers online FREE for a month!

Many organizations that rely on volunteers trust ScheduleBase to help them effectively schedule the people it takes to make their unique mission work. ScheduleBase was designed, from the ground up, to help get rid of frustrations and headaches scheduling brings. We know you need flexibility to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to changes to make your operation run smoothly. ScheduleBase is by far the most flexible and easy-to-use volunteer staff scheduling software available.

If you want to quickly see who can help and when, ScheduleBase puts your volunteer’s availability at your fingertips. Volunteers can receive their schedules online, via email or text message. ScheduleBase does it all and is affordable and easy to use. Here are a few of the organizations that rely on volunteers and use ScheduleBase.

  • Joshua Tree Feeding Program, Inc.
  • St. Cyril Catholic Church
  • Marion Cultural and Civic Center
  • Wild Bird Center
  • U.S.S.A.
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
  • Greater Faith Works

 …and many more! 

Learn More About ScheduleBase Online Volunteer Staff Scheduling Software Try ScheduleBase Volunteer Scheduling Software FREE for a Month!
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Start scheduling your volunteer staff with ScheduleBase in less than 2 minutes. Guaranteed!


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