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ScheduleBase Online Restaurant Staff Scheduling Software

“Staff can quickly view schedules or submit requests without having to visit or call the store.”
 -- Brian Thompson, Subway, Fargo ND
Learn More About ScheduleBase Online Restaurant Staff Scheduling Software Try ScheduleBase Restaurant Staff Scheduling Software FREE for a Month!

Restaurant Scheduling Software

ScheduleBase Online Restaurant Staff Scheduling Software

ScheduleBase online restaurant scheduling software is the easiest way to schedule your restaurant employees. We know scheduling is challenging, frustrating and time consuming and we understand that how you schedule your employees can make or break your bottom line. Schedule too heavy and you blow your target labor cost. Schedule too light and you risk a customer service nightmare. You have to balance the needs of your restaurant and your customers, all while taking into account the needs and availability of yours employees. How do you do all of this quickly and efficiently? ScheduleBase is the answer.

Easy to Use

Used By

  • Try it FREE - no credit card!
  • Schedule your staff anytime, anywhere
  • Staff access schedules online - you can still print one too!
  • Communicate schedules and changes instantly
  • Eliminate calls and stop-ins
  • Manage availability, coverage and requests
  • Share employees across departments or units
  • FREE mobile apps!
  • Fast food restaurants (QSR)
  • Fast casual restaurants
  • Casual dining restaurants
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Franchised restaurants
  • Independent restaurants


Affordable and Proven

ScheduleBase pricing starts at only $10/month for up to 20 employees. If you have up to 50 employees, the cost is only $25/month (more pricing info). We've been in the scheduling software business for over 20 years. To date, our software has been used to schedule over 2 million employees. Trust your scheduling to the leader in employee scheduling software.

CASE STUDY: Read how North Shore Grill uses ScheduleBase

Restaurant scheduling software that's proven.


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Restaurants Trust ScheduleBase

ScheduleBase Online Restaurant Staff Scheduling Software

Try scheduling employees online FREE for a month!

Many restaurant managers and owners trust ScheduleBase to help them effectively schedule their full-time and part-time employees. ScheduleBase was designed from the ground up to help get rid of work schedule frustrations and headaches. With ScheduleBase, all of the information you need to effectively schedule your restaurant employees is right at your fingertips.

  1. How many hours have I scheduled?
  2. How many people are scheduled?
  3. When can people work?
  4. What time-off requests do I have to deal with?
  5. Who wants to switch schedules or pick up a shift?
  6. And more! Everything you need is on one easy-to-read screen.

When the schedule is finished, just post it and your employees will instantly get their work schedule sent to them via email or text message. Make a scheduled change, which you will, and just re-post the schedule. Only employees whose schedule has been updated will be sent an updated schedule. ScheduleBase is the most flexible and easy-to-use restaurant staff scheduling software available.

Here is a partial list of the diverse array of restaurants that use ScheduleBase to effectively schedule and communicate work schedules with their staff.

  • Team Pizza
  • Country Club at Boca Raton
  • Sno Island
  • Cherry Berry
  • LaBadiya Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Just Yogurt LLC
  • Subway
  • Top Dog Coffee Bar
  • Skyline Chili
  • Divine Frozen Yogurt
  • Duffy's Tavern

 …and many more! 

Learn More About ScheduleBase Online Restaurant Staff Scheduling Software Try ScheduleBase Restaurant Staff Scheduling Software FREE for a Month!
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Start scheduling your restaurant staff with ScheduleBase in less than 2 minutes. Guaranteed!


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