Employee Scheduling Software


End of Service Notice (4/1/2022): It has been our pleasure to provide our customers with quality PC software for over 30 years. As of 4/1/2022, all installable PC-based products and tools will no longer be available for sale. To help you transition to other solutions, we will continue to support these products through 3/31/2023. You can continue to use our products after 3/31/2023. Thank you for your business!

Get more employee scheduling software power with VSS Premier

Want to take your employee scheduling capabilities to the next level? Get the powerful employee scheduling software tools only available in Visual Staff Scheduler® Premier (VSS Premier). It includes all of the features of Visual Staff Scheduler Pro, plus it allows you to save popular staff schedules and run enterprise reports. 

Enterprise Reporting Made Easy

VSS Premier includes an enterprise reporting tool that allows you to view schedule and employee information across multiple schedule files. You’ll know who is scheduled when and where, as well as who’s off and who’s available, all sorted and grouped by schedule file.

Quickly locate specific employees and schedule information and jump to sections of schedules or reports. Gain access to employee profile information, or e-mail an employee by clicking an employee’s name within the report viewer. VSS Premier makes it easy to e-mail or publish schedules and reports as PDF documents that encompass your entire organization. 

Save Popular Staff Schedules in Employee Scheduling SoftwareSave Time with Saved Reports

If you need to print, publish or email multiple staff schedules, VSS Premier can save you tons of time. Save and access common staff schedules right from the Reports menu. For example, if you need to print separate weekly schedules for different positions, shifts or departments, you don’t have to keep changing your print preferences (i.e. employees, number of days, and sort order). You can save popular staff schedules and print them all in seconds. A huge timesaver and a must-have for busy managers! 



Enterprise Reports Consolidate Employee Information Across Multiple Schedule FilesEnterprise Reporting Window

Simply select the schedule file(s) you wish to include and one of eight enterprise reports. You can include any schedule file on your network. If a schedule file is password protected, you’ll need to enter the password to view its contents.



Complete Schedule Details For Any Day in Enterprise Daily ScheduleDaily Schedule

See complete schedule details for any day. All employees are listed so you can see who’s working where and when. You’ll also see those employees scheduled off or who are not scheduled. 



Schedule Details for 7-Day Period in Enterprise Weekly ScheduleWeekly Schedule

See schedule details for any 7-day period. Choose the start date and instantly see your employees’ work schedules for an entire week.



Employees by Shift in Enterprise Shift ScheduleShift Schedule

See your employees grouped by shift on a daily schedule. All employees are listed under their assigned shift so it’s easy to see who’s scheduled to work and when. 



Employees Scheduled On Call in Enterprise On-Call ScheduleOn-Call Schedule

See a list of employees who are scheduled on-call for any day. Gain instant access to their contact information by clicking employee names on the interactive report viewer. 



Employees Not Scheduled to Work in Enterprise Not Scheduled ReportNot Scheduled Report

Need to find a replacement for a no-show? Instantly see who’s not currently scheduled so you can find a replacement quickly and easily. Click an employee’s name for contact information or to send an e-mail message. 



Employees Scheduled Off in Enterprise Time Off ReportTime Off Report

See which employees are scheduled off and why. You’ll be able to see if an employee is out sick, on vacation or personal leave, or just not scheduled yet. 



Check Staffing Requirements in Enterprise Hourly Coverage ReportHourly Coverage Report

See if you’re schedules are properly staffed. If you have mandatory staffing requirements or split shifts, you’ll be able to see schedule your staff coverage for any 24-hour period. 



Control Overtime and Reduce Labor Cost with Enterprise Estimated Cost ReportEstimated Cost Report

Gain control of your overtime and reduce your labor cost. See how much your schedule will cost and whether you’ve scheduled any overtime.



System Requirements

The minimum software and system configuration required to run Visual Staff Scheduler includes:

  • Windows operating system: 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • At least 128 MB of memory
  • CD-ROM drive (if ordering a CD)
  • At least 120 MB of free disk space for VSS program files, plus additional disk space for schedule files
  • 1024x768 or higher screen resolution