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VSS Pro Helps Optimize Staffing Levels at CBF Group

CBF Group

"Using VSS Pro gives us a competitive advantage because we can adjust the schedule instantaneously in response to the changing needs of our customers." 

Megan Heltemes, Resource Manager at CBF

Customer Profile

CBF Group, with a Service Center located in Fargo, North Dakota, is an outsourcing company that provides administrative support to law firms and other businesses nationwide. For a monthly fee, over 3,000 customers can receive 24/7/365 administrative assistance, including word processing, dictation, and concierge service.


Operating in an around-the-clock environment meant that CBF would need a schedule capable of providing immediate staffing information and responding instantly to changes in schedule requirements. CBF also believed that using a market-proven scheduling solution would be key to an efficient operation. "In our business you can not risk being under-scheduled," says Megan Heltemes, Resource Manager at CBF. "I needed a solution that would give me an instant view of my staffing levels," she adds.


CBF chose Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro) for its flexibility and reporting capabilities. VSS Pro proved it could meet the scheduling needs of a dynamically growing organization, like CBF. With VSS Pro, Heltemes can easily adjust her schedule when projected service hours change. "With our unpredictable and fluctuating demand, VSS Pro provides us with useful staff information that is easily accessible," says Heltemes. " VSS Pro gives me an up-to-date list of available personnel, so I can assign additional shifts in no time," she adds. In addition, as the company continues to grow, more people are becoming involved in scheduling. According to Heltemes, VSS Pro is very user-friendly and intuitive, so the time needed to bring a new scheduler up to speed is a matter of hours, not days.


Having access to historic scheduling data and instantly viewing key staffing indicators, allows CBF to better forecast their staffing needs. "If you need to know precisely how time-off requests and training assignments impact your overall schedule, VSS Pro gives you immediate answers," Heltemes adds. VSS Pro also assists CBF with their hiring efforts. "The software allows us to determine coverage holes and shifts which may require additional resources. We can then focus our recruitment on filling those specific shifts," says Heltemes.

CBF also takes full advantage of VSS Pro's reporting capabilities. Group schedules are posted instantly, and personal schedules are delivered to each individual with no added effort. The finance department can prepare for the next billing cycle using an estimated cost report, while the executive team can access VSS Pro at any time to get a snapshot of past, present, and future staffing activities.

"VSS Pro is an integral part of our organization processes," says Heltemes. "Using VSS Pro gives us a competitive advantage because we can adjust the schedule instantaneously in response to the changing needs of our customers."