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Customer Appointment Manager Brings Immediate Time Savings to the Austin Learning Center

Austin Learning Center

“I never knew how important accurate scheduling could be to my business. It saves us money to be accurate.”

Becky Fliss-Swanson, Owner, Austin Learning Center



Customer Profile

Employees of the Austin Learning Center tutor students of all academic backgrounds and abilities in a wide range of subjects. Currently, 12 tutors provide one-to-one instruction for students.


For Becky Fliss-Swanson, owner of the Austin Learning Center, scheduling appointments had become cumbersome. Large poster boards with monthly calendars covered her office walls. As appointments were booked or changes were requested, the board was updated using a dry-erase marker. Each week, she would take down the poster board and manually enter the appointment details into a spreadsheet so the information could be used for billing.

“It was a nightmare,” says Fliss-Swanson.“ Not only was the data entry time consuming, but the poster boards were a mess.” Editing and changing appointments often resulted in errors and multiple people weren’t able to edit the schedule at the same time. “We couldn’t share the schedule easily and only one person could make changes at a time. It was frustrating.”


After researching various scheduling programs on the Internet, Customer Appointment Manager proved to be the right solution for the Austin Learning Center’s scheduling headaches. “Customer Appointment Manager makes it so easy to manage our appointments,” says Fliss-Swanson. Everyone in the office sees the same information, so employees stay up-to-date and the schedule stays accurate. Appointment reminders are e-mailed to students to reduce no-shows and cancellations. Synchronizing information with QuickBooks also saves time and reduces errors because there’s no need for dual-entry. Reports in Customer Appointment Manager make the billing process faster and easier than the previous manual process.  “I never knew how important accurate scheduling could be to my business,” says Fliss-Swanson. “It saves us money to be accurate.”


Since the Austin Learning Center staff started using Customer Appointment Manager to manage their appointments and store their student contact information, they have considerably reduced the time it takes to book and edit appointments and costly mistakes are a thing of the past. According to Fliss-Swanson, “Customer Appointment Manager has transformed my business. I’ve had amazing growth because I’ve had great people behind me and a great system with Customer Appointment Manager.”