HR Document Maker 2011 is the easiest way to create office policies, employee handbooks, and job descriptions.

Prepare Human Resource Materials

Use Office Policy Templates


  • Protect yourself and your employees by implementing clearly-written office policies
  • Office policy templates cover employment status, employee benefits, payroll, workplace guidelines, and e-policies


Prepare Employee Handbooks


  • Eliminate excessive policy-related questions when employees have access to a thorough employee handbook
  • Contains three different office policy manual templates: a brief office policy manual, a comprehensive office policy manual, and an e-policy manual


Write Job Descriptions


  • Job descriptions are important because they are used during the interview process, to explain reponsibilities to new hires, as a starting point for performance reviews, and to set wage ranges
  • Job description templates are grouped by accounting and finance, administration, facilities, human resources, marketing and sales, and operations


Utilize HR Forms and Checklists


  • HR forms and checklists can be used to implement office policies and procedures
  • Lots of HR guides, templates, forms and checklists are available, including job applications, time sheets, and grievance forms


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