Get Ultimate Financial Forecaster 3.0 – the easy way to do business plan financials.

Create Financial Forecasts

Answer Questions About Your Company


  • Enter general questions about your business, including business type, credit policy, and starting date
  • Describe your estimated monthly owner distribution

Enter Your Income Projection


  • Input your income projection and define your cost of goods
  • Enter a projection for each income category


Enter Monthly Expense Projection


  • Input your expense projection for each expense category
  • Similar to the Income section, these functions allow you to try unlimited "what if" scenarios


Your Financial Projection


  • View and print reports for income projections, expense projections, balance sheets, cash plans, rations analysis, and profit and loss statement
  • View and print graphs for income projections, expense projections, profit and loss, financial position, cash summary, break-even analysis, income by category, and expenses by category


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