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View Hourly Staff Coverage in Shift Scheduling Software

Posted by Brandy on August 21, 2012

With Visual Staff Scheduler shift scheduling software you can instantly view shift coverage by hour, half-hour, or quarter-hour time increments and see who is scheduled for a particular time. 


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In the Hourly Coverage window, you can obtain a detailed, on-screen listing of which employees are scheduled during a specific hour, view coverage graphs by position, and see your staff coverage update dynamically as you make changes to your schedule.

How to View Hourly Coverage

To view the Hourly Coverage window click on the View menu item and choose Hourly Coverage. Select the Time Increment for one hour, 30-minute, or 15-minute increments. You can choose to view coverage in a list view or graph format. In the list view, double-click or select a cell and click on the Details button to see a list of names and schedule information for the employees who are scheduled to work at that time.

See Hourly Coverage for a Specific Group of Employees 

You can select other coverage totals by clicking on a column header and selecting a query. For example, you could choose to view hourly shift coverage for a specific group of employees, such as all staff scheduled to work on the night shift, or to display the number of employees are scheduled to work and have a specific skill, such as speaking Spanish.

Display Coverage Totals by Shift

In addition to the Hourly Coverage view, you can also display Coverage Total results at the bottom of the screen.  The Coverage Totals can display the total number of employees scheduled to work or the staffing variance (i.e. the number of employees scheduled to work compared to the staffing requirement for that shift).

Our shift scheduling software allows you to easily view your hourly staff coverage and see who is scheduled to work at a particular time. Watch the video to see the Hourly Coverage view in Visual Staff Scheduler. 


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