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Use the Hours Column in Visual Staff Scheduler to Help Reduce Overtime Costs

Posted by Brandy on November 18, 2010

Did you know that Visual Staff Scheduler employee scheduling software can help reduce overtime? Visual Staff Scheduler displays the total number of hours an employee is scheduled for the view you’re in. For example, in a 14-day view, you will see how many hours an employee is scheduled for a two-week period on-screen. This is a great tool for helping reduce overtime!


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To use the Hours Column: 

  1. Go to the View menu and select Edit Schedule Format.
  2. Click the Properties tab in the Edit Schedule Format dialog box.
  3. Make your selections, including Show Hours Column. Add this column to display the total hours for each employee for the date range currently displayed.

If you choose to display the Hours column in Visual Staff Scheduler, it will not be included in printed schedules and reports unless the Hours Column check box is marked in the Options section of the Print window. When checked, the Hours column will print regardless of the view setting you are using.


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