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Sorting Employees in VSS Pro Scheduling Program

Posted by Brandy on October 7, 2010

It’s easy to find the right employees to schedule in VSS Pro employee scheduling program. In addition to sorting employees by name and position, you can also sort by seniority, hours scheduled, or desired hours.  The Sort options can be found under the View menu in VSS Pro.


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The View > Sort By > Seniority command sorts names on the schedule by hire date. Employees with the earliest hire date appear at the top.

The View > Sort By > Hours Scheduled command sorts names on the schedule by the number of hours scheduled. Employees with the least number of scheduled hours appear at the top.

The View > Sort By > Desired Hours command sorts names on the schedule by the number of desired hours. Employees with the highest number of desired hours appear at the top.

Sorting occurs within dividers. For example, if you have set up three groups, or divisions, within your schedule, the names in group 1, 2 and 3 are sorted separately, thus keeping the names within the same divisions or groups.



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