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Setting Up Shifts in Online Employee Scheduling Software

Posted by Brandy on February 9, 2011

Today we’ve posted another video tutorial about the next steps in getting started with ScheduleAnywhere:

  1. setting up shifts and explanations, and 
  2. scheduling employees

After you have created a schedule, entered employee information, and added employees to schedules, you can set up shifts and explanations. Before assigning shifts for each person, you must define shifts.


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Set Up Shifts

To do this, click on the Set Up menu, choose Shifts, and click the Add New Shift button. Each shift must have a name, abbreviation and a start and end time. The abbreviation is used when you are looking at a schedule view that displays many days, such as 28 or 42 days. There isn’t enough space on the screen for the entire shift name, so the abbreviation is used instead. In addition to the name, abbreviation, and start and end time, you can also add details about a break, assign a color, and enter a description about the shift.

Set Up Explanations

If you need to track additional information you can do so by creating explanations. You could use explanations to track where each person will be working, such as a particular unit, branch, or location. Another example of how to use explanations is for time away from work, such as vacations or sick time. You can enter a name, abbreviation, and description for each explanation.

Start Scheduling

One you have created your shifts and explanations, you can start scheduling. There are two ways you can create shift schedules. The first way is to select the day you wish to enter schedule information. Then from the toolbar select the shift and/or explanation from drop-down menus. The second way is to double-click on the day you wish to enter information and, from the Schedule Shifts pop-up window, select the shifts and explanations you wish to assign. This method allows you to select multiple shifts and explanations. You cannot put in overlapping shifts, but you can put in split shifts. If you would like to add even more information, you can also type in a note.

Watch the video to learn how easy it is start scheduling with this online employee scheduling software.


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