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Produce a Daily Schedule with Employee Schedule Software

Posted by Brandy on March 12, 2013

Visual Staff Scheduler helps you produce custom daily rosters that can include lots of schedule data for employees who are assigned to work on a particular day, including shift start and end times, location, tasks assigned and miscellaneous notes. Daily schedules are just one of many types of work calendars you can produce when you’re using employee schedule software.


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Why Schedule Formats are Important

One of the major benefits of using Visual Staff Scheduler is that you can display the exact same information in many different ways. If you were creating shift assignments using a spreadsheet or other manual system, you would only be able to view the schedule in that one layout. Using employee schedule software you can change the on-screen view to display one day, one week, two weeks, one month or six weeks. You’ll be able to print or email reports in various time frames, too, using the exact same schedule data.

Typically, managers use different schedule formats for different purposes. For example,

  1. they may email individual personal work calendars to each employee, so their own work assignments are clear and easy-to-understand
  2. they may post a one-month view in the break room, so employees will be able to see who may be available to swap shifts, if needed; and
  3. they may print daily schedules for each unit, so managers will know at-a-glance who is expected to work there throughout the day

How to Produce a Daily Schedule

To change the current view to daily, click on the View menu in Visual Staff Scheduler and choose the view you would like to see, such as One Day, Week, 14 days, 28 days and 42 days. You can print the schedule as it’s displayed on screen, or you can use a Query to choose a select list of employees who meet specific criteria. You can also choose to omit coverage totals that show on the bottom of the screen, display the highlighters you see on screen, add a total hours column, append a legend at the end of the schedule to help explain any abbreviations that were used when scheduling and, if you don’t want to print employee names, you can choose to print employee ID numbers instead.

The huge collection of reports in Visual Staff Scheduler are simple to create and help communicate schedule information to employees and supervising managers. Watch the video to see how easy it can be to produce a daily schedule with employee schedule software.


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