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Our Newest Online Employee Scheduling Software Solution

Posted by Brandy on January 19, 2011

Today is the three-month anniversary of ScheduleBase, our new online employee scheduling software. We’ve been developing software that creates work schedules for over 20 years and are happy to include ScheduleBase to our lineup of employee scheduling software along with Visual Staff Scheduler and ScheduleAnywhere.


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So, why did we build ScheduleBase when we already have two great employee scheduling solutions to offer? Well, it all goes back to our mission statement to enhance the productivity of our customers and to make their lives easier. Visual Staff Scheduler and ScheduleAnywhere are great for businesses and organizations that schedule employees 24/7/365 and are concerned with schedule rotations and shift coverage. However, some of our customers told us they don’t use defined shifts and rotations and that their employee schedules fluctuate often. An example is college students or other part-time help who work in retail or foodservice. ScheduleBase is flexible enough to accommodate any work schedule or availability.

ScheduleBase gives customers the flexibility to literally point and click with the mouse to schedule their employees at any time and for any time frame. It’s an online scheduler, so employees can login to see their schedule and make schedule requests (either when they can work or when they can’t). And, managers can send scheduling information to employees via email and text message. We’re excited to offer ScheduleBase to businesses that need the ultimate in online employee scheduling software flexibility!


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