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IHS and Harborside Healthcare Corporation Choose Visual Staff Scheduler Pro

FARGO, ND - December 1, 2000 - Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS) announced today that Integrated Health Services, Inc. (IHS) and Harborside Healthcare Corporation have chosen Visual Staff Scheduler® Pro (VSS Pro) as their computerized staff scheduling system.

IHS (Sparks, MD), one of the nation's largest post-acute and skilled nursing organizations with over 300 facilities across the United States, employs over 50,000 people. Prior to using VSS Pro, IHS employees were scheduled by hand. According to Cheryl Mottern, an Assistant Director of Nursing, "The process of building a schedule by hand was extremely time consuming. With VSS Pro, we now know our staffing requirements are being met, plus it only takes us a fraction of the time to produce our work schedules."

Harborside Healthcare Corporation (Boston, MA), one of the nation's largest and most respected skilled-nursing and long-term care companies with 50 facilities in nine states, currently employs approximately 6,800 people. Similar to IHS, Harborside Healthcare Corporation was also scheduling its staff by hand. According to Frank Manning, Vice President of Purchasing, "VSS Pro was exactly the solution Harborside Healthcare was looking for. It had every function we needed, and none of the fluff we didn't. VSS Pro is a bargain and a software system we just couldn't turn down."

VSS Pro is the flagship scheduling software of ABS, the market leader in PC-based staff scheduling and human resource software. According to Jon Forknell, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, "VSS Pro is a software program that just makes sense. It's easy to use, fast, flexible, and can with 'real world' scheduling problems, plus it's very affordable. VSS PRO is an ideal software package for 24/7 operations like IHS and Harborside Healthcare Corporation." According to ABS, there are over 50,000 VSS Pro users worldwide, including 2,000 nursing homes, hospitals and clinics.

Originally released in 1995, VSS Pro is now in its fifth release. Used by many medical facilities to schedule work rotations and ensure proper shift coverage, VSS Pro's many scheduling capabilities are endless. A user can produce individual schedules, for any time period, or produce staff schedules by shift, department, location, or custom information. In addition to scheduling shifts, VSS PRO can also track such items as vacation or sick days. VSS Pro is the quickest and easiest medical staff scheduling software on the market.

Pricing for VSS Pro starts at only $295 for a single-user license and multi-user licenses are available. For more information on VSS PRO, contact ABS at 1-800-874-8801 (1-701-235-5226) or visit them on the web at

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