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Employee Scheduling Software for Healthcare

Our employee scheduling software, Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro), is used by over 4,000 healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, hospices, and nursing homes, to schedule nurses, doctors, pharmacists, medical technicians, and support staff.

Scheduling Software Benefits
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Staff Scheduling Software Benefits

Our scheduling software allows you to:

  • Create staff schedules in less time
  • Ensure shift coverage
  • Reduce overtime expenses
  • Communicate schedule information more effectively
  • Improve reporting capabilities

Create schedules in less time

With our staff scheduling software, schedules are built more quickly, as you can use time-saving tools that rotate shifts, copy schedule patterns, and schedule groups of employees at one time.

Ensure shift coverage

With VSS Pro, you can input your staffing requirements and see if you have too many or too few employees scheduled. Additionally, this capability allows you to easily view how schedule changes will impact your shift coverage.

Reduce overtime expenses

Our employee scheduling software allows you to instantly view shift coverage and hours scheduled. With this information readily available, you will be able to optimize your staffing and reduce overtime.

Communicate schedule information more effectively

Visual Staff Scheduler Pro scheduling software allows you to share schedule information by giving staff access to the schedule. Employees can then view available dates for requesting time-off, print individual schedules, and review schedule information as needed. And with the click of a button, you can send updated schedules via e-mail or publish them to your website.

Improve reporting capabilities

With the use of VSS Pro employee scheduling software, reporting is automated and query information can be used to find data for any time frame. Reports are formatted and ready to print in moments.


Employee Scheduling Software Customer Reviews

Read the following customer quotes to see how hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, retirement and assisted living facilities benefit from using VSS Pro scheduling software:

“VSS Pro works very well in a nursing environment, especially with its ability to assign multiple duties. With VSS Pro, I can quickly email schedules to my personnel, and print the schedules in color, which helps improve overall communication of schedule assignments.” 
Jennifer Kramer, Director of Nursing | Banner Health – Wray Community District Hospital, Wray, CO

“VSS Pro scheduling program is wonderful and this healthcare facility benefits from it a lot. It helps my job move smoother every day. It automatically arranges the staff schedules into individual and day sheets, which is a tremendous time saver. I enjoy it a lot!” 
Gina Conforte, Staffing Coordinator | Harborside Healthcare, Westlake, OH

“We really like VSS Pro scheduling software. We have found it to be very user friendly, yet it has great functionality.” 
Laurie Born, Corporate Human Resource Director | The Thro Company, Mankato, MN

“VSS Pro scheduling software is a very useful product, with good reporting capabilities, such as the ability to calculate summary statistics at the bottom of each scheduling sheet.” 
Keith Douglass, Data Center Operations Supervisor | Wellspan Health Data Center, York, PA

“I’ve found VSS Pro scheduling software to be very user friendly. I also like the flexibility of the software. Schedules created with VSS Pro can be as detailed or simple as you like.” 
Stacey Fisher, Food Production Supervisor | Mercy Medical Center, Roseburg, OR

“VSS Pro is an excellent scheduling program. We schedule the entire nursing home staff and VSS Pro makes it very easy to do so.” 
Ann Silverness, Scheduling Assistant | Chris Jensen Nursing Home, Duluth, MN

“VSS Pro scheduling software is quick and easy-to-use. I spend less time doing the monthly schedule, plus I can email it to my staff. VSS Pro is a great product. It has made my job easier.” 
Kelly Myers, Staffing Coordinator | Cooperstown Medical Center, Cooperstown, ND

“With VSS Pro scheduling software I can schedule my personnel well in advance, and quickly identify holidays and sickness. I have found VSS Pro to be the easiest and most efficient way to plan rotations and ensure staffing requirements are met.” 
Christopher Thistle, General Manager | Stallcombe House, Exeter, United Kingdom

“VSS Pro staff scheduling software is very convenient and easy to understand. We are very satisfied with it.” 
Crislea Allen, Housekeeping Director | Springwood Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Sarasota, FL

“With the flexibility of VSS Pro scheduling software, we were able to customize the program to meet the needs of the Emergency Department. What benefits us most is the ability to instantly see how many staff are scheduled and the holes in the staffing for each day. We definitely recommend VSS Pro to other emergency units.” 
John Prickett, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator | Lakes Region General Hospital, Laconia, NH

“VSS Pro gives us everything we need to make sure we have adequate shift coverage and our staff is properly informed. I definitely recommend VSS Pro scheduling software to other retail pharmacies that want to make managing work schedules easier for them.” 
Jeanie Wilfong, VP of Finance | Rider Pharmacy, Fairmont, WV

“I am very pleased with VSS Pro work schedule software. It provides all the information needed and it is highly customizable.” 
Albert Kral, Executive Director | Little House Residential Care Services, Smithville, ON

“VSS Pro allows me to pre-schedule time-off as far into the future as I'd like. If there is ever a question of past records, I have it right at my fingertips.” 
LaNette Mehus | Griggs Co. Hospital & Nursing Home

“VSS Pro works well with our rapidly changing schedule. It lets me know if I have adequate staffing coverage.” 
Deborah Cave | Grady Memorial Hospital

“With the use of VSS Pro scheduling software, now all directors and supervisors have the ability to look in one place for the information they need, saving them time and aggravation.” 
George D. Velianoff, PhD, RN | FACHE, Chief Nursing Officer

“VSS PRO has proved to be the most effective management tool I have. VSS PRO provides all necessary staffing information that is easily accessible.” 
Sara Hamilton | Director of Nursing at Heritage Manor of Mt. Zion LLC

“VSS Pro gives us a way to provide our personnel with accurate and easy-to-read schedules. The messy and confusing shift schedules are now a thing of the past.” 
Ramesh Patel | Pharmacy Director, Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, IL

“VSS PRO scheduling software definitely reduces the time and effort needed to schedule my staff.” 
Jason Werle | Shift Supervisor, Harrison County Hospital EMS

“I love the flexibility of VSS PRO. I can now rotate shifts, copy shift patterns, and publish schedules in any format.” 
Judy Bailey | Peninsula Regional Medical Center Communications Supervisor

“VSS Pro scheduling software helps me reduce overtime, since I can see instantly the number of hours scheduled for each of my pharmacists and technicians. I can also view my shift coverage to minimize unnecessary over- or under-staffed situations.” 
Vito Limoncelli RPH MBA | Associate Director of Pharmacy, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

“Even non-computer users can use VSS Pro scheduling software!! I use it to schedule over 70 people in just a fraction of the time it took me by hand.&rdquo 
Peggy Lambert | Catholic Medical Center

“We have used VSS Pro for years. It is very user-friendly. I can see at a glance if my schedule meets my staffing needs.&rdquo 
Sandra Granger | Calais Regional Hospital

“VSS Pro employee scheduling software is easy-to-use, saves time and
Carol Cook | The Salem Manor Society

“VSS Pro is focused towards health care staffing needs. I've tried several software programs, but none were designed to meet my needs like VSS Pro. VSS Pro gives me better accuracy by monitoring my shift coverage. I would highly recommend it.&rdquo 
Robin VanHyning, DON, NR, BSN | Islands Convalescent Center

“After searching for YEARS...I've finally found a scheduling software that works wonders, as well as being affordable.” 
Todd Ginapp | Scott & White Memorial Hospital

“VSS Pro is concise, precise, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use! Just because something is complicated doesn't make it better... VSS Pro proves that. It's the perfect staffing program for healthcare facilities.” 
Gail Marquez | HEALTHSOUTH Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital

“VSS Pro is a real time saver. It gives many choices of setting up your schedule.”
Anna Kilpatrick, ADON | Kansas Christian Home

“We are a nursing home setting and I schedule everyone in the nursing dept. (about 90 employees). I did scheduling in Excel before this and I was very frustrated. VSS Pro scheduling software makes things so easy. Thanks, I love it.”
Marylin Fuller, Health Service Admin. Assistant | St Joseph Convent, Cambellsport, WI

“We use VSS Pro scheduling software to schedule staff shifts, staff time-off and print personal schedules for staff. We are very satisfied with it.” 
Lancelot Mars, Administrator | SS. Joachim & Anne Residence, Brooklyn, NY

“VSS Pro staff scheduling software has improved our efficiency. We would highly recommend VSS Pro to anyone who would like to simplify scheduling tasks.” 
Marsha Lloyd, Staff Dev. Manager | Air Force Village


Healthcare Customer List

VSS Pro employee scheduling software is used by thousands of medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Here are just a few of our customers:

Albany Medical Center
Alegent Health Midlands Hospital
Alexian Brothers Medical Center
Allina Health Systems
AMED Authority
American Medical Response
Anesthesia Services
ARUP Laboratories
Associated Radiologists of Joliet
Aurora Pharmacy
Bakersfield Heart Hospital
Banner Desert Medical Center
Baptist Health Systems
Bedford Medical Center
Beebe Medical Center
Bel-wood Nursing Home
Bennetts Creek Pharmacy
Bergen Regional Medical Center
Berkeley Citizens
Bethel Home
BMC Outpatient Pharmacy
Bolivar Medical Center
Bone & Joint Hospital
Boys Town National Research Hospital
Broe Rehabilitation Services
Broomall Rehab and Nursing Center
Brynn Marr Behavioral Healthcare
CAMC Pharmacy
Carmelite Sisters DCJ
Carrington Health Center
Central Dupage Pharmacy Dept.
Central GA Rehabilitation Hospital
Central State Hospital
Charleston Area Medical Center
Cherry Tree Health Services
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
Chris Jensen Nursing Home
Christian Care Centers
Clark County Mental Health
Clark-Lindsey Village
Clausen Manor
Clifton Springs Hospital/Clinic
Clove Lakes Health Care
Coastal Medical Staffing
Community Health
Community Hospital East
Community Hospital of Monterey
Community Medical Center
Community Memorial Hospital
Cooperstown Medical Center
Coryell Memorial Hospital
Cox Pharmacy
Davis Memorial Hospital
Deborah Heart & Lung
Dothan Ambulance
Dreyer Clinic
Dunkirk Animal Hospital
East Jefferson General Hospital
East Tennessee Children's Hospital
East Texas Medical Center
Easton Hospital
Edwards Pharmacy
Elderwood Senior Care
Elkview General Hospital
Elliot Health System
EWU Dental Hygiene
Exeter Hospital
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
Falher Pharmacy
Family Care Pharmacy
Family Pharmacy
Florida Hospital Zephyrhills
Flowers Hospital
Fox Valley Orthopedic Assoc
Freeman Hospitals & Health System
Freemont Rideout Health
Gateway Regional Medical Center
George Washington University Pharmacy Department
Golden Valley Memorial Hospital
Good Samaritan Hospital
Good Samaritan Nursing Home
Good Shepherd Home
Good Shepherd Nursing Home
Goodrich Pharmacy
Grace Barker Nursing Center
H Douglas Singer Mental Health Center
Hanceville Nursing Home
Hanover Dental Care
Harborside Healthcare
Harrington Memorial Hospital
Haven Healthcare Management
Higginsville Habilitation Center
Highline Medical Center
Hilltop Pharmacy
Holy Cross Hospital
Hopi Health Care Center
Ideal Senior Living Center
Indigenous Health Group
Interlock Pharmacy
Iowa Methodist Medical Center
Jackson Hospital
Jackson Memorial Pharmacy
Jefferson Rehabilitation Center
Jersey Shore Hospital
Johnston Memorial Hospital
Jupiter Medical Center
Kaiser Permanente
Kansas City Care & Rehab
Kansas Masonic Home
Karmenta Center

Kindred Northwest Specialty Hospital
Kingswood Pines Hospital
Ladysmith Nursing Home
Lakes Region General Hospital
Lakeside Nursing Home
Laurel Heights Hospital
Lexington Memorial Hospital
Liberty Hospital
Life Care Center of Las Vegas
Lincoln Park Care Center
Linn County Ambulance District
Little House Residential Care Services
London Health Science Center
Long Prairie Memorial Hospital
Maimonides Med Center Pharmacy
Mariner Health of Bel Air
Mascoma Dental Association
MCCG Pharmacy
Medical Center of Central GA
Medworld Pharmacy
Memorial Hospital & Health System
Memorial Hospitals Association
Menninger Clinic
Mercy Medical Center
Metcalfe Co Nursing Home
MetroHealth Medical Center
Mid Valley Interim Healthcare
Millennium Health Services
Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center
Munson Medical Center
Neighborcare Pharmacies
NHB Pharmacy
NHC Healthcare
Norris Pharmacy
Nursing Centers
Oceana County Medical Care Facility
Oneonta Nursing & Rehab Center
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Park Ridge Hospital
Peninsula Regional Medical Center
Penn State Hershey Medical Center
Penndel Middletown Emergency
Perham Memorial Hospital & Home
Pine Grove Recovery Center
Planned Parenthood of WNY
Prairie Pediatrics
Presbyterian Homes
Providence St. Peter Hospital
Rapid Response Mobile
Reston Hospital
Rider Pharmacy
Riverside Center
Riverwood Healthcare Center
San Antonio Kidney Disease Center
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Sentara Medical Group
Shasta Community Health Center
Sisters of Charity Motherhouse
Somers Manor Nursing Home
Somerset Hospital
South Davis Community Hospital
South Jersey Healthcare
Southwest General Hospital
Spectrum Health
Spooner Health System
The Spine Hospital Of South Texas
Springwood Rehabilitation & Nursing Center
St. James Health Care Center
St. Mary's Medical Center
St. Mary's Nursing Home
Summit Behavioral Healthcare
Swedish Covenant Hospital
Tennessee Christian Medical Center
Therapy Connection
The Thro Company
Trace Regional Hospital
Two Rivers Hospital
Union Hospital
United General Hospital
University of Kansas Medical Center
Upland Hills Health
Valley Family Health Center
Valley View Care Center
Van Dyke Addiction Treatment
Vancouver General Hospital
Vanguard Healthcare Services
Vickers Anesthesia
Village Health Care
Virginia Veterans Care Center
Wallowa Memorial Hospital
Wellspan Health Data Center
Well Spring Retirement Community
Wellstone Regional Hospital
Woodland Medical Center
Woods Pharmacy
Wray Community District Hospital
Wyoming Behavioral Institute
Youngs Pharmacy