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Get Started with Online Employee Scheduling Software

Posted by Brandy on February 8, 2011

In this video, we’ll walk through the steps on how to get started with ScheduleAnywhere. This tutorial will help you become familiar with our online employee scheduling software.


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Create a Schedule

The first step when getting started with ScheduleAnywhere is to create a schedule. You can give your schedule a name and select various properties, such as number of days to display, beginning day of the week, the type of details you would like to show, and a description.

Enter Your Employees

The second step is to enter your employees. Before entering employees, it’s best to go to the Set Up menu and define positions, departments, and locations. Then click on the Setup menu and choose Company Maintenance, and choose Employees. Click the Add New Employee button to begin adding people’s names and contact information, such as address, email, phone, employee ID, hire date, manager, location, department, and position.

The Permissions tab lets you set up a username, password, and security access, such as read-only, for each individual.

The Skills tab is the place to enter people’s skills, certifications, a list of equipment they are trained to operate, a second language they speak, or even security access to specific buildings or rooms. A skill could be anything that specific employee possesses that other employees may not. This is helpful when scheduling because you can quickly see who has the skills you need, so you can schedule people accordingly.

In the Hours and Wages tab you can enter how many hours per week the employee wants to work. You can use this tool to ensure they are being scheduled for the amount of hours they wish to work, whether it’s part time or full time. You can also indicate how much the person makes per hour or per day, so you can use the Estimated Cost report. The Estimated Cost report gives you a projected total of how much it will cost to pay your staff.

The Custom Fields tab allows you to keep track of any additional information about each person. Examples of how other customers have used custom fields range from date of birth to the type of car they drive. It’s easy to change these fields with a simple click of the mouse on the field label.
When you’re finished entering data for the person, click the Save button.

Add Employees to Your Schedule

Once your staff list is set up, it’s time to add everybody to the schedule. To do this, click on the Edit menu and choose Insert, then choose Employee. You’ll see your entire staff list. Select the people you wish to add to the schedule by putting a check in the box next to their name. When you’re finished selecting the names, click the Add button on the bottom of the window.

Watch the video to see the first two steps in creating shift schedules with ScheduleAnywhere:

  1. make a schedule, and 
  2. enter employee information


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