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Creating and Communicating Schedule Information

Posted by Brandy on March 12, 2012

Watch this video to see how over 70,000 department managers, supervisors, and business owners use Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro) to schedule their employees faster and more efficiently. Whether you need to create and communicate schedules by shift, position, or location, monthly calendars, daily rosters, time-off reports, estimated labor cost reports or any other type of schedule or report for any timeframe, VSS Pro can do it all and save you time. 


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Flexible Scheduling Tools Allow You To Schedule The Way You Want To

With VSS Pro, you can define your own shifts, enter notes, highlight specific scheduling information, and switch between detailed or big-picture views. You can also decide which schedule information you want to display on screen and in reports, in addition to how it is displayed. VSS Pro is very flexible and allows you to schedule the way you want to. Scheduling your employees with VSS Pro is easy. The scheduling worksheet is where you assign shifts and time off, as well as access VSS Pro scheduling automation tools. These tools can be used to rotate shifts, copy schedule patterns, or schedule groups of employees at once.

Easy To Make Sure You Have The Right Employees Scheduled

To ensure you have the right people scheduled, VSS Pro lets you assign attributes to each of your employees, such as their position, skills, training or certifications. When you need to find an available employee with a specific attribute VSS Pro shows you which employees meet your criteria. You can then sort your employees by number of hours already scheduled, desired workload, or seniority. Scheduling your staff has never been easier or more efficient. And if you need to reassign shifts due to sickness or vacation, you can find available employees and their contact information quickly.

Quickly See If You Are Under- Or Over-Scheduled

If you need to maintain staffing levels, VSS Pro can show if you are under- or over-scheduled. For example, if you need to know how many employees you have working a specific shift or location, VSS Pro automatically calculates this for you. You can also view staff coverage in detail and see who’s scheduled to work a particular time. With VSS Pro, you can create any type of schedule or report. You can pick date ranges, employee groups, shift times, and other schedule information, plus the level of detail and data order. This gives you the ability to create schedules and reports to meet your exact needs. Plus, you can print, publish, or email any schedule or report. And, if you want to utilize information stored in VSS Pro, you can export your schedule data. Creating and communicating schedule information has never been simpler.

VSS Pro’s time-saving and powerful tools makes scheduling employees quick and easy. Get the peace of mind you deserve by making sure you have the right people scheduled at the right time and place. Minimize overtime by managing your employee’s workload. No matter how you currently schedule employees VSS Pro will save you time and make it easier. 

How do you create and communicate schedule information?
Paper & pencil
Excel or some sort of spreadsheet
A different scheduling software
Nothing - this is completely new for us


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