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Create Rotating Schedules in Shift Scheduling Software

Posted by Brandy on August 28, 2012

Rotating schedules are easy to produce in Visual Staff Scheduler. You can copy schedule information, or shift rotations, to future dates for one or several employees all in a single operation using the Copy Multiple wizard.


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Enter Schedule Information

In order to use the Copy Multiple feature, you must first enter the schedule information you plan to copy, or rotate, forward into your schedule worksheet.  Watch the video to see how to use the Copy Multiple wizard in our shift scheduling software. In the example in the video, a one-week schedule was already created. Then you can choose Copy Multiple from the Edit menu.

Copy Shift Rotation

Enter or select the date you want to copy from and enter the number of days you would like to copy. Mark the checkboxes for the schedule information you would like to copy including shifts, explanations, on-call status, time off, and miscellaneous notes. In the Names list select the name(s) you want to copy schedule information for. In the Target Dates to Copy to list select the date(s) you want to copy the scheduling information to. Visual Staff Scheduler copies the schedule information for each target date you select and extends your schedule into the future.

When Overwrite Existing Information is selected the new data is copied over any existing data. However, this only occurs on the options that have been selected. When Overwrite Existing Information is turned off the schedule data will only be added to blank cells.

Try it for yourself and you’ll see how easy it is to create rotating schedules when you use the Copy Multiple wizard in our shift scheduling software


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