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Create Employee Schedules Easily with Staff Scheduling Software

Posted by Brandy on January 24, 2014

We would highly recommend VSS Pro to anyone who would like to simplify scheduling tasks.” It’s great to hear customer feedback about how our staff scheduling software helps them create employee schedules easier than before. There seem to be a few favorite features amongst our customers, which is why they say:


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“I have found VSS Pro to be the easiest and most efficient way to plan rotations and ensure staffing requirements are met.”

There are two features that help scheduling managers plan rotations and ensure staffing requirements are met: Copy Multiple wizard and Coverage Totals.

  1. The Copy Multiple wizard copies schedule rotations into the future for several employees all at one time. For example, if you have a rotation of employees getting every other weekend off, in just a few seconds you can copy that schedule pattern over and over again in the months ahead. Then all you’ll need to do is adjust the schedule for time off.
  2. Coverage Totals in VSS Pro calculate scheduling data and display those calculations on the bottom of the scheduling worksheet. Totals or scheduling variances can be calculated for specific positions, shifts, skills, and explanations. Then simply look at the bottom of the screen to see if you are over- or under-scheduled for each shift.

“We have found it to be very user friendly, yet it has great functionality.”

This staff scheduling software is very intuitive. Each employee has their own row on the scheduling worksheet and the days of the week have their own column. Managers only need to point and click on an open cell in the worksheet to assign a shift, choose an explanation, and type in a note.

“VSS Pro scheduling software is easy enough for small companies and comprehensive enough for large companies.”

Small companies typically have one schedule file with all the employees listed on it. Some large companies choose to use one schedule file, too, and then use the Explanations field to indicate the location or department the employee is assigned to work at during that shift. Large companies who have specialized groups of employees who work in each department will have a separate schedule file for each of those departments.

Staff scheduling software makes it easy to rotate schedule patterns and ensure staffing requirements are met. Whether you work for a small company or a large company, VSS Pro can help you simplify you’re scheduling tasks. 


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