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Adjust Your Shift Schedules Easily with Flexible Scheduling Software

Posted by Brandy on December 29, 2010

Build custom work schedules with a flexible shift scheduling software! Visual Staff Scheduler makes your life easier because it gives you the scheduling flexibility to make just the right work schedules for your organization. You’ll be able to define your own shifts, highlight schedule information that is important to you, and customize your schedules views.


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Every organization is different. With Visual Staff Scheduler, you can adjust the shift schedule to your particular needs and define your own shifts – complete with your descriptions, start and end times, and even color. And, you can highlight specific schedule information with ease. For example, highlight employees with a certain position, skill, or shift. You’ll be able to quickly spot the information that is important to you because the days that match your search criteria will be highlighted with a special color.

Best of all, when you’re working with this tool, you can quickly switch between detailed and big-picture views. You can see anywhere from a single day up to 42 days. With our shift scheduling software, you can set up your own preferences to indicate how you want schedule information to be displayed on screen and on reports. Watch the video to see how you could benefit from the scheduling flexibility in Visual Staff Scheduler.


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