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Intuit Works with Atlas Business Solutions to Deliver New QuickBooks Features

FARGO, ND - January 8, 2004 - Atlas Business Solutions Inc. (ABS), a leading provider of small business software, today announced that Intuit, a leading provider of financial management solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and accounting professionals, worked with Atlas Business Solutions to develop the new Cash Flow Projector and Loan Manager features as part of its new QuickBooks® 2004 product line-up.

As part of Intuit's extensive research into small and mid-sized businesses needs, businesses identified pain points around forecasting cash flow and better understanding business management and performance. Atlas Business Solutions' strength in developing easy-to-use applications for business planning and financial projections led to their being selected by Intuit to help develop two of the new features in QuickBooks 2004. This is the second annual QuickBooks release where Atlas Business Solutions and Intuit have joined forces to develop new features. Last year, Intuit chose Atlas Business Solutions' business planning technology for QuickBooks Premier 2003 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

"More than 65 percent of small business users told us they wanted better cash flow and business management tools in QuickBooks," said Allison Mnookin, vice president of QuickBooks financial management solutions, Intuit. "We're thrilled to work again with Atlas Business Solutions to give QuickBooks 2004 users the cash flow projection and loan management tools they need to help them take their businesses to the next level."

The Cash Flow Projector and Loan Manager - available in the 2004 versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions, as well as all industry-specific versions of QuickBooks - give businesses the power to:

  • Help avoid surprise cash flow shortages
  • Predict cash flow for the next six weeks and project "available to spend" cash
  • Store and manage all loan information in one place
  • Make loan payments from within QuickBooks
  • Auto-calculate the breakdown of principal and interest on loan payments

"Atlas Business Solutions is very proud to be working with Intuit again," said Jon Forknell, vice president and general manager for Atlas Business Solutions. "Managing and predicting inflows and outflow of cash is critical to a business's growth and success. The Cash Flow Projector and Loan Manager included in QuickBooks give users fast and easy tools that promote proper money management and help avoid cash flow problems."

Predict cash balance with the Cash Flow Projector

The Cash Flow Projector helps small businesses avoid the all-too-common problem of surprise cash flow shortages. It helps QuickBooks users predict cash flow for the next six weeks, using QuickBooks data and answers to simple questions. QuickBooks users can view their projected "available to spend" weekly cash balance in a printable report.

Manage loans right in QuickBooks with Loan Manager

QuickBooks users can now keep all their loan information in one place and manage their loans quickly and easily with Loan Manager. Users can set up all of their loans in a central location and be reminded when payments are due. Payments can be made from the Loan Manager in one easy step and QuickBooks automatically reflects the loan payment. Plus, there is no need to manually calculate principal and interest portions of loan payments - Loan Manager automatically calculates this information so loan balances are accurate.

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