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Financial Planner in Georgia Uses Ultimate Business Planner to Develop Business Plan Financials

Posted by Brandy on February 3, 2011

Writing a business plan is a crucial step for both new ventures and existing companies that are looking to expand. Over the years our business plan software has helped thousands of people start and grow their companies. One of the most favored parts of Ultimate Business Planner is the sections that put together business plan financials. Entrepreneurs and small business managers simply enter projected income and expenses and let the program develop a balance sheet, breakeven analysis, cash summary, profit and loss statement, and more.


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Trent is a financial planner, in Macon, Georgia which is just a little south of Atlanta. He’s used Ultimate Business Planner over the last 10 years and has been very pleased. It’s been a successful part of his financial planning practice. He’s used our software to complete 15-20 financial plans for businesses, as well as individuals. They primarily use it to develop business plan financials, so the entrepreneurs he works with can secure commercial funding loans for their new ventures.

Watch the video to hear how Trent uses our Ultimate Business Planner and would recommend it to anyone else in the financial field that is looking to effectively establish a financial plan. He strongly feels businesses that have a plan in place are a lot more successful. And, he thinks using Ultimate Business Planner is a great tool for writing a business plan.


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