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Expense Projections in Business Plan Software

Posted by Brandy on February 4, 2011

This week we’ll review part four of our six-part video series entitled “Will Your New Business Make Money?” We’re showing you how our business plan software can help you figure out if your company will make money at all, and if so, when it will start making money. In part two we covered how the tax structure, ownership distribution, and credit policy can affect the bottom line of your business plan financials. In part three we showed you how to enter monthly income projections. This week we’ll talk about expenses.


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The Expenses section of Ultimate Business Planner is where you enter in your projected monthly operating expenses. This would include things like rent, marketing, utilities, insurance, office supplies, and travel. If labor wasn’t included in the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) that was entered into the Income section, then you would enter payroll here in the Expenses section.

In a lot of ways the Income and Expense sections are very similar. You’ll notice they have the have the same look and feel, like a spreadsheet, and that they have the same copy and paste functions. Ultimate Business Planner functions can automatically enter numbers in each row that will grow by a particular annual growth factor, or raise or lower values by a percentage.

Watch the video to see how straightforward it is to enter expenses in our business plan software.


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