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Business Plan Resources Used to Write a Business Plan

Posted by Brandy on April 29, 2013

Do you need help to write a business plan? There are lots of resources out there to help you, including business planning software, business plan samples, trade associations, books and magazines, and government agencies.


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Business Planning Software

Business planning software is easy to use and will save you a lot of time. Most software programs will have a question and answer area for each major section of a business plan. You’ll be able to type information about your specific new business venture into each field. You text will be automatically formatted and placed in the appropriate place in the written business plan. Using business planning software is a great way to organize your ideas. Instead of writing down ideas on lots of Post-it notes and miscellaneous pieces of paper, add your thoughts to the software.

Business planning software is probably the easiest way to produce financial statements, including a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and a cash plan. These statements are often the most difficult and intimidating parts of a business plan, but with software, you simply add your financial projections, such as expected expenses and income, and the business planning tool will put together the statements and reports for you.

Business Plan Samples & Examples

Business plan samples and examples are great resources because they can inspire you to be more creative in coming up with ways to reach your goals. You’ll notice that every business plan is different. They’re unique based on their goals, their audience, the size and industry of the company, and whether they provide products, services or both. You’ll get to see how the different viewpoints influence a business plan.

Trade Associations & Industry-based Groups

Trade associations, especially industry-based groups can help you by (possibly) providing statistics you could use in the marketing section of your plan. They may have research about your specific market, including size and outlook for the future. And, you may even be able to find some entrepreneurs or business owners in your industry that would be able to share some of their learning experiences with you or mentor you.

Books & Magazines

There are lots of books and magazines that can teach you more about how to write a business plan and run a company. Go to your local library to begin. Many books will offer helpful, step-by-step management advice, in general. The magazines will inform you of updated information and trends, as well as profile successful entrepreneurs and company owners.

Government Agencies

Government agencies, such as the SBA, SCORE, and SBDC offices have counselors who can answer your questions, offer advice, and may have contact information about potential investors and loan programs. Some agencies also offer training classes that will walk you through the entire business planning process.

A business plan is an important factor in your business. Some useful resources include business planning software, business plan samples, trade associations, books and magazines, and government agencies.


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