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Why Do Small Businesses Need HR Software? It Helps Plan for Employees’ Summer Vacations.

Posted by Brandy on May 31, 2011

Sometimes small business managers think they wouldn’t see any value in implementing HR software, especially if they don’t have an HR manager or human resources department. Actually, they may be the ones who would benefit from using it the most because of its time saving and organizational value. A recent Capterra blog post explains this very well, but here’s just one more example how Staff Files can help small business managers.


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It’s that time of year when you and your employees are planning summer vacations. How do you keep track of time off? Is it with old-fashioned paper forms? Is it with multiple spreadsheets for each employee and for each type of time off your company offers? If that’s the case, you’ll love the time-off tracking and reports in Staff Files. It’ll automatically calculate the number of hours or days your employees accrue, so all you’ll have to do is deduct their actual time away from work. In seconds you’ll be able to run reports that show how much time off an employee has taken, a summary of their overall accrual activity, or simply a list of employees’ accrual balances. And, when it comes to planning summer vacations you’ll be able to see at-a-glance when employees have taken or plan to take time off. 

Watch this video to see how you could use the Absence Calendar in Staff Files.


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