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What’s the difference between Staff Manager and Staff Files?

Posted by Brandy on April 9, 2012

Staff Manager customers can upgrade directly to Staff Files HR software. With Staff Files you’ll be able to:

Watch the video to see how the upgrade to Staff Files is seamless, so you can do all of this without re-entering employee information.


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Manage Time-Off Accruals

If you're using multiple spreadsheets or paper forms to keep track of employees' time-off, you'll love Staff Files! The Accruals tab is easy-to-use and will save you lots of time.

It allows you to track accrued time off, such as vacation time, sick leave, and PTO. You can set it up to calculate time-off based on your company policy. Then you only have to enter manual transactions when employees take time off from work. Staff Files calculates the total number of hours or days that are left in each employees accrual account. There are also five reports that pull information directly from the Accruals tab:

  • Employee Accruals report
  • Employee Absences report
  • Staff Accruals Activity report
  • Staff Accruals Balance report
  • Staff Absence Calendar

Managing time-off accruals in Staff Files is very efficient!

Record Training, Employee Benefits and Incidents

The Training tab in Staff Files keeps track of the title of a training class or name of a certification or license, its category, type, start or effective date, end or expiration date, number of hours completed, cost, miscellaneous notes, and the agency, and location of each training and certification.

Define employee benefits offered by your business in the Benefits tab in Staff Files. Use the Benefits tab to keep track of eligibility, enrollment and withdrawal dates, employee and employer contributions, and dependents.

In the Incidents tab, you can record disciplinary actions and warnings, as well as workplace accidents, or any other type of incident or event you wish to document. You can sort the Incidents tab by date, type, or title.

Increase Security, Add Multiple Users and Store More Personnel Records

Using Staff Files, you can also set user and database passwords for additional security. You can purchase additional licenses for multiple users. And, you can store an unlimited amount of personnel records in Staff Files.

Access More Reports, Reminders and Letters

There are more Employee reports, Staff reports, reminders, and letters in Staff Files, including:

  • Employee Accruals report
  • Employee Absences report
  • Staff Accruals Activity report
  • Staff Accruals Balance report
  • Staff Absence Calendar
  • Employee Benefits report
  • Staff Benefits Detail report
  • Staff Benefits by Plan report
  • Staff Benefits Summary
  • Employee Training report
  • Staff Training by Title report
  • Staff Training Expiration report
  • Employee Incidents report
  • Staff Incidents by Date report

It costs $149 to upgrade to a single-user license of Staff Files. Additional licenses cost $100 each.

Upgrade to Staff Files Pro

Staff Files Pro contains everything in Staff Files, plus an Audit Trail and the HR Documents tool. The Audit Trail in Staff Files Pro helps companies with multiple users managing the data by keeping a log of what types of changes are made, who made the changes, and when. The HR Documents tool contains hundreds of pre-written templates you can use as is or edit to help communicate to your staff your organization’s policies and procedures.

You can upgrade to the Staff Files Pro edition starting at only $249 for a single-user license. Additional licenses cost $100 each. Thank you for using Staff Manager!


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