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Tracking Training Requirements

Posted by Brandy on November 26, 2013

Do your employees need special training or licenses to perform their job? How do you know which employees have the appropriate training? What do you do to make sure licenses and certifications stay up-to-date?


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Categorize Training Types

Does your management team help staff complete their training requirements? For example, if you employ nurses who need 30 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits every two years in order to renew their license, how does your human resource department help them make sure they are on track with that requirement?

The Employee Training report in Staff Files totals the number of training hours per category. So, you could set up a category for CE credits and email your RN’s a quarterly or semi-annual report that shows how many hours they’ve completed so far for that category.

Tracking Training Requirements

Use Reminders for License and Certifications Expiration Dates

Does your management team know when mandatory licenses and certifications are set to expire? For example, if you employ drivers for a trucking company, it will be very important that they have a current CDL drivers license at all times.

The Reminders system in Staff Files alerts human resource managers of upcoming license and certification expiration dates, so your employees will have plenty of time to renew their drivers licenses.

Watch this video to hear how a transportation company uses human resource software to keep track of their training and license requirements.

If your organization relies on employees that are trained and licensed for a specific job, make sure they’re up-to-date! Using software for tracking training requirements is much easier, more efficient and will give you peace of mind.


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