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Track Time Off Work in HR Software

Posted by Brandy on November 14, 2011

The Accruals tab in our HR software lets your track time off from work, such as accrued vacation days, sick leave, paid time off, etc. The Accruals tab tallies the balance of the amount of time off accrued. The first thing you need to do in Staff Files is define your accrual accounts.


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To set up your accrual accounts, select Accruals from the Define menu and then choose Accrual Accounts. In this window, you’ll be able to add or edit your accrual accounts, such as vacation or sick time. You can enter a unique name for your account and choose to accrue time by hours or days.

There are two areas in the Accruals tab that display time-off information:

  1. The Accrual Ledger maintains all the activity for accrued balances and enrollments. It includes a record of accrued time off, plus the deducted absences.
  2. The View Absences ledger only displays employee absences. To complete a manual accrual entry, click the Add button under the Accrual Ledger. In the Manual Accrual Entry window, enter a date, select a transaction type, such as deduct or earned, and type in the amount of time they will take off.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to set up Accrual Accounts. When your accrual accounts are ready, you’ll be able to setup your auto accrual policies and enroll your employees in those policies.


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