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Three Ways to Engage Employees

Posted by Brandy on January 31, 2014

Human resources software is a great way to save time managing personnel records, so that you can spend more time managing personnel themselves.  Let’s face it - managing employees can be hard. Your workforce can be your company’s biggest asset, but a disengaged staff will only cause problems. Here are three ways to engage employees:


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1. Motivate Your Employees

Feedback is a great way to motivate employees. Tell them what they are doing right and they’re likely to continue doing it. Give them suggestions when they are not doing something right to help them learn a better way.

Feedback can be given by simply dropping by their desk to say “good job” or “here’s a suggestion for next time,” as well as formal, regular performance reviews with a standardized template that’s also used to evaluate their peers.

2. Connect by Clearly Communicating Expectations

Communication is vital when connecting with employees. Being specific and clear is helpful in making sure they understand their particular job, the vision for the company, and their relationship with the company.

Job descriptions help employees understand their principal responsibilities, basic functions of their work, and their decision-making authority. 

An employee handbook should start off with the company mission statement and vision for the future, then include the company policies.

Company policies define the boundaries of the employee-employer relationship. For example, policies can define the expected behavior for social media and technology use. Consequences for bad behavior and bad performance are explained in a disciplinary policy. Employee benefit policies clarify insurance plans, vacation time, and sick days.

3. Leverage the Natural Abilities and Talents of Your Staff

Leverage your employees to do their best work possible. It’s important to understand employees’ natural abilities and skill sets, as well as their interests and goals. It’s also smart to monitor and encourage ongoing training for all employees.

Assign projects and roles to employees based on their skill sets, goals, and training. Matching tasks with the right employees for the job will increase efficiency and give you the best performance possible. It doesn’t make sense to give an employee a job they are not qualified for. It’s like trying to stick a square peg in a round hole. Not only could it be too overwhelming or intimidating for the employee, they likely won't be able to do what you want.

Human resources software maintains written performance reviews, job descriptions, employee handbooks (with all company policies), and training records that can be used to manage your personnel. Motivate your employees with regular feedback. Clearly communicate expectations. And, make the most of your workforce by leveraging their natural abilities and talents. These are three easy ways to engage employees.


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