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Staff Accruals Activity Report in Staff Files

Posted by Brandy on May 14, 2012

Watch this video to learn about the Staff Accruals Activity report in our HR software. This report displays a summary of accrual activity during a date range. 


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To run this report, click on the reports menu and choose Staff reports. From the list of Staff reports choose Accruals Activity. You can select one or more accruals account, such as holiday, paid time off (PTO), sick, and vacation. Choose the date range you would like to have displayed on the report and choose any sorts or filters you would like to use to arrange or filter the list of employees on the report.

The beginning balance, total earned transactions, total deducted transactions, adjustments, and ending balance are shown for each of the accrual accounts for each employee. Your auto accrual policy dictates changes listed in the adjustments column. For example, if your policy only allows your employees to carryover five vacation days at the end of every year and an employee has seven unused vacation days at the end of the year, you’ll notice a two-day adjustment in the Adjustments column for that employee. 


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