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Software Company Uses HR Software to Manage Time-off Accruals

Posted by Brandy on September 20, 2012

Nick is an attorney for a streamline software solutions provider in Orange County, California. He’s been using Staff Files for about a year and mainly uses our HR software to track their employees’ vacation and sick time accruals. 


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Use Tiered Accrual Schedule Based on Seniority

They had been trying to manage time-off accruals using spreadsheets, but it didn’t work well because keeping the spreadsheets updated was too cumbersome and spreadsheets couldn’t efficiently calculate the accruals using their company’s tiered accrual schedule based on employee seniority. The longer an employee works for the company the more time off they receive. They needed a better way to accurately accrue time-off based on seniority.

Create an Auto Accrual Schedule in Staff Files

In Staff Files he created unique auto accrual schedules for their vacation and sick time. Staff Files takes care of all the calculations, so whenever an employee asks Nick for their time-off accrual balance, he can easily print out their records for them, which is automatically updated to that day.

He feels our HR software has effectively managed their time-off accruals and has made it easier to keep their PTO logs up-to-date. Staff Files suits their company’s needs. Watch the video to hear why Nick thinks it will suit your company needs, too.


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