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Reflections on Labor Day

Posted by Brandy on September 3, 2013

Employees, personnel, staff, workers, laborers – whatever term you prefer to use, they are the number one asset in your business. Labor Day is a great time to reflect on how these people influence your business and how you can better support them.


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Labor Day has been observed in the United States for over 100 years. The holiday was originally intended to acknowledge and honor the contributions workers have made. In current times, some see Labor Day as an extra day off work, or as a day where they should do something fun and take a break from working. Others see it as a day to stand up for the dignity of workers. They’ll take that day off work to fight for safe work environments and a fair wage for all employees.

We believe HR software can help you reflect on and evaluate your employee contributions, time off work, work environment, and wages.

Acknowledge Employee Contributions

Performance evaluations are the standard way to review employee contributions. Annual reviews make a lot of people cringe because they think they will be scolded for all the things they’ve done wrong during the year. However, one of the best ways to encourage employees to do their best is to tell them what they are doing right. Be sure to acknowledge employee contributions, as well as offer advice on ways to improve job performance. Both compliments and constructive criticism can be included on the performance evaluations you enter into your human resource software.

Time Off Work

Giving your employees paid time off for vacation and sick time may seem counterproductive. Some workplaces even seem competitive in regards to the amount of time employees spend working – whether they are physically at their workplace or not. However, studies have shown that well rested employees are also the most productive employees. It’s easy to monitor time-off accruals, as well as the number of days off an employee has taken, in HR software. You could check absence reports and review accrual balances monthly or quarterly to see who has accumulated a lot of paid time off, and then encourage those employees to take time off work.

Safe Work Environment

Check accident reports to see a pattern for on-the-job accidents. You may find they are mainly happening in a specific department, by employees who work for a particular manager, or during an especially busy time of year. When you spot a trend in safety issues, you’ll be able to direct your attention to those problems and ensure safe work environments for all personnel.

Fair Wage for Employees

It should only take minutes to evaluate the wage rates for your employees. In HR software you’ll be able to assess the wage history for each employee individually or review the wages for your entire staff.

Use the information accumulated in human resource software to evaluate the ways you can support your staff, so they can in turn work better for your business.


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