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New Non-Profit Case Studies for HR Software

Posted by Brandy on July 31, 2013

Non-profits love our HR software in large part because it’s so affordable. Lately we’ve heard from a couple more not-for-profit organizations that have been using Staff Files for a while. It’s helped them get quick access to employee and staff reports, manage time-off accruals, and keep up with license and certification renewals. Learn more about how non-profits benefit from HR software.


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A Social Services Organization in Utah

Karla, at DDI VANTAGE, likes Staff Files because of the employee and staff reports. Previously, they had been keeping track of employee information with many individual spreadsheets. They wanted a more centralized HR information system, so they could run reports quickly and go to one place to find data when they needed it. For example, when an employee wants to know their current accrual balance for personal time off, it’s easy for Karla and the other members of the HR department to click on the name of the employee in Staff Files and look up their current balance for vacation and sick time.

After implementing HR software they found productivity increased and they were able to keep track of even more information. “Our data-driven decisions are now much easier and faster than before,” Karla said.

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A Religious and Education Institution in California

Sally, at Saint John’s Episcopal Church and Parish Day School, likes Staff Files for many of the same reasons as Karla. They started out with Excel spreadsheets, too, but wanted an easier and faster way to compile that data into reports. In addition to managing time-off accruals for vacation and sick time, they also use Staff Files to keep track of training and license credentials for teachers, and to monitor wage increases and employee benefit allowances.

Sally feels that implementing an HR information system has helped her productivity, too, explaining that “the entry of employee information is so simple I can keep up on a daily basis. Just the time-off accrual part of the HR software has increased my productivity a great deal.”

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Over the years many not-for-profit organizations have implemented Staff Files with positive results. The affordability of our HR software may initially attract them, but it’s the ease of use and increased productivity that keep them happy. We’re happy to introduce these two new case studies that help explain how non-profit organizations can benefit from HR software.


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