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New Hire Checklist for HR and New Employee Orientation

Posted by Brandy on November 28, 2012

New employee orientation is important. It’s part of the first impression for new employees, so it’s nice to appear welcoming, organized and professional. It’s important to gather the necessary legal forms including a Form W-4, Form I-9 and to check the New Hire Registration system for child support collections. It helps save time for both the employee and the managers that supervise them when employees are well trained from the start. One way to effectively arrange a new employee orientation is with a new hire checklist.


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Learn how to use the New Hire Checklist Detail report in Staff Files HR software. This report displays the new hire checklist items that are still incomplete for each new employee.

To run this report, click on the Reports menu and select Staff reports and then choose New Hire Checklist Detail. You can select one or more employees from the employee list or choose the Select All button to choose all the employees in the list all at one time. The Sort option lets you choose the order you want the employees displayed. The Filter option lets you narrow down the list of employees based on specific criteria, such as employees in a particular department. When you click on the Print Preview button you’ll see the list of incomplete items left on the new hire checklist.

The new hire checklist items can be accessed from the General tab. When you click on the checklist icon in the top right corner of the General tab you’ll be able to check the boxes when the new hire action items are completed. The New Hire Checklist Detail report only lists the items that are not completed.

Watch this video to see the New Hire Checklist Detail report in our HR software. It’s the first step in an efficient new employee orientation. 


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