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Managing Time-off Requests

Posted by Brandy on November 13, 2013

It’s that time of year again when employees will be asking to take days off work around the holidays and for tropical vacations during the cold winter months (at least here in the Midwest). Whether you’re using our HR software, employee scheduling software or appointment scheduling software, it is easy managing time-off requests.


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Managing Time Off in HR Software

If you’re using Staff Files, you’ll need to deduct the amount of time an employee will be out of the office from the accrual ledger. You can enter the length of absence in either days or hours. Staff Files will automatically calculate the remaining balance of time-off accruals.

Review the Absence Calendar to make sure you have enough staff covered. It’s a one-month view that shows which employees are scheduled to be out of the office and when.

Managing Time Off in Employee Scheduling Software

If you’re using Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro), you’ll need to assign time off in your staffing calendar, so they won’t be mistakenly scheduled to work during that time. It’s really easy to do. Simply move your mouse cursor to the employee and day they want off work and then click on the time-off button in the toolbar.

Managing Time Off in Appointment Scheduling Software

If you’re using Customer Appointment Manager, you’ll need to make sure employees are marked off the appointment calendar, so they won’t be mistakenly scheduled appointments during that time. To note when an employee will be out for a vacation day, navigate to the date they will be gone and mark the Off check box in the upper right corner of the Appointment window to designate time off for the employee.

Using HR software, employee scheduling software and appointment scheduling software can significantly enhance the productivity in many small businesses simply by using their core functionalities. They also happen to make it easy managing time-off requests, too.


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