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Learn How to File Employee Information with Personnel Software

Posted by Brandy on December 23, 2010

Let Staff Files store your employee files altogether in one spot. Our comprehensive personnel software centralizes employee information in one place. It stores your employee records electronically, so your organization can become paperless and save physical storage space. And, your employee files will be safe and secure.


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In Staff Files, all your employee files are accessible right from your computer, so it’s easy to switch from record to record without cluttering your desk with paperwork. You’ll be able to access HR data quickly. And, since information is entered and maintained in one place, you’ll reduce duplicate data entry among multiple managers.

You can set up usernames and passwords for each manager that has access to Staff Files, so your organization’s personnel records will be secure. You’ll also be able to restrict access to certain employee information depending on the user. For example, you can limit a manager’s access to specific information or to their department only.

You can quickly backup your employee records, so that in case of an unforeseen computer problem or natural disaster, such as a flood or fire, you’ll be able to restore all your personnel files. 

Watch this video to learn how to keep and secure your essential employee information in one place.


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