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Staff Files 8.0 is the easiest way to manage employee information including time-off accruals, training records, and performance reviews.


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Learn How Easy It Is To Manage Employee Files With Human Resource Software

Posted by Brandy on January 6, 2011

Staff Files human resource software is an easy way to keep your personnel records organized and up-to-date. This user-friendly tool is very intuitive, so it’s easy to learn and use. It’s designed to look just like a paper file folder with tabs across the top indicating the information each tab contains. Simply point and click with your mouse to access the data you’re looking for.


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You can organize employee files for multiple departments throughout your entire company. Employee names can be sorted and filtered to organize records by department, location, position, or seniority, so managers can view and track specific groups of employees. You can also set the security for each user based on their department, so managers can view or edit records of the employees in their department only. Organizing personnel records in one place helps get rid of multiple paper files, manual processes, and duplicate data entry.

Staff Files helps you keep your employee files up-to-date. For example, the reminders will alert you to upcoming expiration dates for certifications, start dates for training classes, due dates for performance reviews, I-9 renewals, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more. Watch the video to find out how you could keep your personnel records more organized and up-to-date.


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