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Keep Electronic Personnel Files Secure with Human Resources Software

Posted by Brandy on December 28, 2012

There are lots of reasons why businesses want to buy human resources software. They want an easier way to keep track of personnel files; they want a faster way to retrieve and report employee information; and, they simply want a better way to organize their staff records. A couple of additional reasons that many businesses may not have considered include having a more secure way of keeping confidential human resource data, being able to back-up the HR database for disaster planning purposes, and avoiding running out of physical storage space. Staff Files can help with all of these!


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Set Up a Username and Password for Each User

Human resources software includes a security system that lets you set up a username and password for each user to protect confidential employee information. In Staff Files you could also set up Windows Authentication which means users must use the same username and password to log into the human resources software as they do to log into the computer itself.

You can manage security settings for each user to limit their view to specific types of information, specific departments, and/or for read-only access.  It’s helpful to set up department managers as users, so they can view and keep electronic personnel files up-to-date for the employees in their department. For example, if the department managers have access to the software for the employees they manage, then they can add vacation or sick days when an employee takes time off or they can type performance reviews directly into the software.

Back up Your HR Database

Backing up the HR database is easy to do. You can use the backup function directly in the software. There’s even a reminder that pops up to help you remember to back up your data. Or, if you have the HR database file on your server or network, and you regularly back up your server, then the back-up would already be handled automatically. It’s important to back up all your crucial business information, including your human resources data, so you can access the information even after a tragedy, such as a computer malfunction, office fire, or natural disaster.

Store Electronic Personnel Files

Often small businesses start out with some paper files stuck in a file cabinet and/or a couple of spreadsheets to keep their staff records. Over the years, those few paper files can turn into a mountain of messy paper work and the couple of spreadsheets turn into a maze of tedious bookkeeping and possibly even double entry. Staff Files keeps the paperwork to a minimum because you can keep all the employee information in one place electronically.

In addition to being an easier, faster, and better way to manage employee information, human resources software will also allow you to keep confidential information secure, back-up staff records for disaster planning purposes, and avoid running out of physical storage space for paper personnel files.


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