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Keep an Employee’s Entire Personnel Record with HR Software

Posted by Brandy on January 24, 2011

Do you want to keep a complete and accurate history of a person’s employment with your company? Staff Files, our HR software, keeps a complete personnel record for each of your employees. And the valuable reminders system alerts you when time-sensitive documents are about to expire.


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Staff Files gives companies an easy and cost effective way to maintain employees’ comprehensive employment history. Watch the video to see how you can store:

  • a list of positions and wage rates,
  • benefit enrollments,
  • training, certification, and license records
  • an incidents log for disciplinary warnings and on-the-job accidents
  • and performance reviews

You can easily store the information you need, from basic contact information to annual performance evaluations. In fact, you can store just about anything because Staff Files lets you define the type of employee information you want to keep. Custom fields store any other miscellaneous information about an employee that you need to track. This may include driver’s license numbers and numbers for issued equipment.

The reminders in Staff Files help you be proactive rather than reactive when maintaining personnel records. You will be automatically alerted about upcoming expiration and due dates, so you’ll have time to send employees to required training, schedule a performance evaluation, or update an I-9 form.


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