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HR Software Makes Record Keeping Easier For Masonry Restoration Company

Posted by Brandy on March 7, 2014

Stephen works for Jamison Home Services, a commercial masonry restoration and preservation company near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have about 30-40 employees, depending on the time of year. They’ve been using Staff Files for over six years. 


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Prior to implementing HR software they were tracking all personnel data manually, including benefit eligibility, training records, and personal information, such as what size shirt employees wear, so they know what size to order for their uniforms. Now all that information is readily available in Staff Files.

When they bought Staff Files, the program made it easier on Stephen because all their confidential personnel data is in a secure location. HR software makes record keeping easier and Stephen is more productive because he’s not spending as much time handling paperwork. He found the software easy to learn and use because it’s so intuitive. Watch the video to hear why Steven says he would “definitely recommend this product.”


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